Don't Quit, You're So Close | Steven Furtick

It’s possible to hold onto hope in the face of unmet expectations. Just don’t give up when it gets difficult.

This is an excerpt from “Round Trip Resurrection.” To watch the full message from @Elevation Church, click here:

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Section Titles:
0:00 – When Hope Is Gone
1:53 – I Don’t Understand This
4:26 – We Quit When We Are So Close
6:42 – Jesus Sneaks Into Hopeless Situations
9:24 – What Jesus Was Doing On The Cross

Scripture References:
Luke 4, verses 20-21

Don’t Quit, You’re So Close | Steven Furtick


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  1. Amazing Yes …. Patience something I've never had much of and I was always told u either have it or u don't ….. But I've been thru alot some blessings some lessons but all for my Good💯I know my God is with me today cuz I have peace beyond words to be still and just wait on him 💙Blessed that he is always with me and that I can walk in faith unwavering faith and know he has me….. And I will forever live a life that honors him🙏🙏

  2. God I continue to pray for my children to know that I miss them and love them so much , and im standing here being the biggest cheerleader, " always be true to yourself, we all fall,and judging doesn't make it better, so be your own leader you will lose lose what you once loved but that's where life starts for you is when you continue to fight the darkest battle to become who you truly are ment to be , Fight for what makes your heart complete, y'all are my sunshine through my darkest days , all I need is to see y'all smile

  3. Been divorced 3x and I felt so so unworthy but I am worthy I'm a child of God and I know as Jesus Christ Our Lord and savior loves me and I am dating a Man Daniel whom I knew since I was 13 yrs old and he is going to prison but I know I don't give up in him now as long as I have Our Lord Jesus Christ as Captain of my journey I know all will be fine because our Lord Jesus Christ will never leave us nor forsake us nor fail us Amen

  4. Question, why most everyone still celebrating church on Sundays when is clearly in the old testament and the new to celebrate church on Saturdays????

  5. Your preaching is a God send to my life ! You make Jesus proud and we are so fortunate and loved that He sent you to teach and spread His truth and word ! Thank you ! Jesus , my savior 🙏🏻✨♥️

  6. I’m waiting for Jesus to sneak into my life, not working, no food to eat, no electricity and not even knowing when will one employer say your hired it’s so challenging 😥 but Jesus is still Lord and I have Hope and Faith in Him 🙌🙌

  7. "Jesus is sneaky", it goes to show that He is in your depression, your helplessness, and your hurt. He will sneak into your life and transform you. It's proven that you are not alone Jesus is with you, He is SNEAKY but SINCERE. GOD BLESS:)

  8. Please pray for me that God would help me and bless me…. please pray for a miracle and a mighty move of God over my life and situation….i really appreciate your prayers for me 😭🙏


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