Don't put yourself through it | Pastor Steven Furtick

Are you fighting against something God could handle for you?
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  1. my storm has to stop when God blow it God will bless me so much and send me my spouse a very blessed european man of God or american or australian of my heart want to be my spouse even after my previous marriage broken after separation from previous husband but God will send me a man of God a very blessed european or american or australian that my heart want amen thank you God in Jesus name

  2. It doesn't matter whose hand it start it has to pass through the hands of my God my God is the God of the storm the storm has to stop when my God says it stop God will Bless me so much and take me out from poverty amen thank you God in Jesus name

  3. The depth of wisdom you've gained from the knowledge of God's word never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for always taking me into the deep, it's as if my spirit is holding it's breath, hanging by every word & waiting for the moment for my lungs to release the breath it holds, in praise to our Father.

  4. Love this message I feeling I'm fighting against the wind xx have been saved 14years been through depression still battling it xx 40 years on still struggling with on thing and another plus have never met my Mr right feel im not impressing god I keep loving jesus but no result

  5. Lord Jesus please give Pastor Steven Family and congregation divine protection. Grow thier faith and rebuke and banish all the powers of evil and darkness that may come against them!!! Amen They Victory is won stand in faith and trust children of God. Everything happens for a reason for the good of his children!! It's is for God's glory and we will all see it. I've been to Malta!! Amen!!

  6. Holy Cow! Praise Jesus. There's a reason God led me to this sermon this particular morning. I've been struggling for so long with the shame and the unknown of my situation and asking what else can I do? What haven't I done? But I know God is with me. I know this is All in his hands. Thank you for this wonderful message. Love always wins.

  7. Every time I listen to ur sermons I am awestruck by the depth of the message and how it connects with me in such a deep personal level. Thank you pastor Steve for the amazing insight that God has blessed you with and for ur zeal to save lost souls.


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