Don't Overplay (ft. Thank You Lord) | Worship Band Workshop

In this Don Moen Worship Band Workshop session, Don features his full band demonstrating what NOT to do. If you’re a worship leader or a member of your worship team, remember to keep it simple! Watch this video and share in the laughs as Don and his band have a little bit of fun “overplaying” to Thank You Lord. Want to see more of these videos? Check out our Worship Band Workshop playlist here: New videos posted every week! Subscribe today so you never miss a video:

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What is the DonMoenTV Worship Band Workshop?
Have you ever wondered how Don and his band prepare for leading worship worldwide? Would you be curious to know who Don considers to be the most important band member? The answer might surprise you. With this first release of the Don Moen Master Class Series, Don and his band share basic principles of worship leading, discuss topics and address questions faced by worship teams in churches all over the world. Watch the video above and order today!

– The importance of soundcheck
– The proper role of a sound engineer
– Floor monitors or in-ear monitors?
– The relationship between your drummer and bass player
– The use of pedal boards with electric guitar
– Auxiliary keys during worship
– How to play with dynamics and how to avoid overplaying

What is the Don Moen Masterclass Series?
The Don Moen Masterclass Series features in-depth teaching and training from Don’s 30+ years of experience as a Worship Leader, Songwriter and Vocalist. Also included in the series are the Electric Guitar Workshop, Bass & Drums Workshop, Auxiliary Keyboard Workshop, Worship Band Workshop and Sound Engineering Workshop.

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  1. When no skills are well exposed, that's where Christian music becomes boring. Today's Youths doesn't like boring music. Add some spices, why only focus on voices.

  2. ok lng na maadlib while playing musical instruments, yung mundo nga e naibibigay yung best nila sa tugtugan kaya dapat ganyan din kung ibinibigay mo yung musical talent mo for the glory of God

  3. What don is saying is true, but sometimes I think I'm instrument players hold back for the worship leaders when it's not the worship leaders they should be playing for, it's God first and foremost but absolutely no disrespect towards Mr Mowen as I grew up with his music in our car cassette, welp I'm aging myself better stop while I'm ahead.

  4. this guy has just decided that that worship musicians shouldn't be allowed to express their own faith, like the playing wasn't really that intrusive it just felt more real, i think this music has just been corrupted by modern pop music and the innate desire to please as many people as possible without taking any risk or truly expressing one's own creativity.


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