Don Moen – You said

A Great Song Of Worship


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  1. I enjoyed this music while watching Mylie Moore pronebone porn where she was moaning in ecstasy enjoying some guy while on top of him. I hope to get all those hot women in the future because they are my wives according to my father.

  2. im at a point where i dont where my rent and i dont know how i will pay my kids school fee will come from. even the people around me dont want anything to do with me, i look to you my JESUS

  3. Praise be to God 👆🙌👑jesus christ🌸🙏 God bless 👆🙌you Don Moen , God bless your family and your ministry 👍this is my favourite song when I play this song I can fell the love ❤️ and presence of God,I am so blessed 🌸 by the Grace and holy spirit of God 👆🙌.God is good all the time 👍 God bless all.


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