Don Moen – Uncharted Territory | Live Worship Sessions

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Acoustic Guitar & BGV: Lenny LeBlanc
BGV: Rachel Robinson
Electric Guitar: Tom Lane
Bass Guitar: Jason Foster
Drums: Tim Newton
Keyboard: Kiko Negron
Sound Engineer: Chuck Harris

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Title: “Uncharted Territory”
Album: Uncharted Territory
Artist: Don Moen

I find myself in uncharted territory
Never felt so lost never felt so lonely
Where are You Lord
I’m so afraid I can feel the fear inside me
Can’t control the chaos all around me
Where are You Lord
How can I sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land

(But) How can I forget
All You’ve done for me
Everything You’ve done Lord
Just to set me free
Teach me how to pray
Teach me how to praise
Even in the darkness
Teach me how to sing Your song
(Your song gonna sing Your song)

How can I sing when my heart is broken
When every prayer is just a token
Where are You Lord
Sometimes our pain can tell a tragic story
Still I will praise You and give You glory
Where are You Lord
Help me to sing the Lord’s song in this foreign land

(But) How can I forget
All You’ve done for me
You have been so faithful
Meeting every need
Teach me how to pray
Teach me how to praise
Even in the darkness
Teach me how to sing Your song
Your song gonna sing Your song


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  1. Don Moen, after listening to this song for the umpteenth time, I wish I could be a part of your devotional music group… I wish I could meet you in person and sing with you… It.may not happen, but I too sing and praise along with you all.. even that makes me happy..

  2. The music in this song is unbelievable I love the words as well Thank you Sir Don Moen for putting this arrangement together. I love to listen to it all the time ❤️🙏❤️🙏🙏🙏💓

  3. Saran ada beberapa subtitle..
    Salah satunya Indonesia

    Saya dari Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

    Salam sejahtera dari Indonesia

    Indonesia jumlah penduduk nya..
    Ke 4 terbesar didunia


  4. God is good in my life He first change me and now my family. Never expect the move of God in my life. Persecuted by my whole family but God delivered me. He healed me and cleansed me Im grateful and thankful because not everyone sees the truth. I will never stop going back to the heart of worship until now because God is so near and im crying out more to God for His will be done in my life as I start to evangelize my relatives. This song remind me the life of job.

  5. Hi Don this song explains how im feeling I have had a bad year and its getting worse with death in my family and sickness i thought my faith was strong but feel so mixed up. So I turn to your amazing songs thank you

  6. During this time of breakdown, where heart fails, work fails, when the love is broken, when God's presence is far. Oh my God the phrase where are you Lord.
    Yes, where are you Lord, i wanna sing your song.
    This is not just a song, it's a connection

  7. Its amazing that God created every one equal but every one with a special talent in fact I can't be myself if l don't listen to U. God richly bless U and increase your anointing may your cup runs over in the presence of your enemies DON MOEN

  8. I am so much in problem, your song gives me mental peace and good connection to God. Special this song 'Uncharted Territory' is very much supporting for me. Thanks Don supporting us to be connected with God almighty.


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