Don Moen – Like Eagles | Upper Room Sessions

Don Moen – Like Eagles | Upper Room Sessions Vol 1
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Recorded at Don’s Studio in Nashville, TN


Like Eagles

O my soul
Do you not know
Have you not heard
It’s been told
From the beginning
The Lord your God
Is on your side
O my soul
Don’t be afraid
Hope in the Lord
By His righteousness and power
He will strengthen
He will guide

And I will soar on wings like eagles
Held by the hand of God
I will run and not grow tired
When on His name I call
For the Lord is never weary
His ways are beyond my thoughts
I will trust in Him with all my heart

And I will rest upon His promise
Patiently I’ll wait


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  1. Saya sangat suka lagu-lagu anda. Terima kasih selalu memberkati, ya walaupun saya tidak begitu memahami bahasa inggris tapi saya selalu percaya pesan lagu ini akan memberkati saya dan keluarga. Salam dari Indonesia. Tuhan memberkati kita semua 🙏😇

  2. I found your healing video when I was sick a few years ago. I’ve been listening to you since. So peaceful and calming. Worship that’s lifting God up and not self like the new stuff out there. Thank you and God Bless you and your family and their families! 💛

  3. I'm a keyboard player in our church but don't have a piano that beautiful. We are just using casio ctk. It's so overwhelming watching your videos and dreams to have a nice keyboard in our church. Godbless you

  4. I have a final defense on research tomorrow. And, yup im scared and nervous for tomorrow. I'd prayed to Jesus today to help me conquer this challenge, and guess what? This song suddenly appeared when i open youtube. "The Lord your God is on your side" Answered prayer!!!. Wish me luck too guys, I will soar on wings like eagles held by the hand of Jesus!


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