Don Moen – I Want to Know You More | Praise and Worship Music

Worship with Don Moen to this live version of his song “I Want to Know You More”.
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Acoustic Guitar & BGV: Lenny LeBlanc
Acoustic Guitar: Tony Hooper
BGV: Rachel Robinson
Electric Guitar: Tom Lane
Bass Guitar: Jason Foster
Drums: Tim Newton
Keyboard: Chris Springer
Sound Engineer: Chuck Harris

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I Want To Know You More

Verse 1
One thing have I desired
Forever will I seek
To behold the beauty of His holiness
And to dwell within the presence of the King
How could I ask for more
He’s done so much for me
For I have tasted of the goodness of the Lord
And I’ve feasted at the table of the King

Chorus 1
I just want to know Him more
(I just want to know Him more)
I just want to know Him more
I just want to know Him more
(I just want to know Him)
I just want to know Him more

Verse 2
You’ve called me by Your name
And You’ve filled me with Your love
You have covered me with mercy and with grace
And have showered me with blessings from above
And yet I know there’s more
(Yet I know there’s more)
I hear You calling me
To a place where I have never been before
Where Your love is flowing deeper than the sea

Chorus 2
I just want to know You more
(I just want to know You more)
I just want to know You more
I just want to know You more
(I just want to know You)
I just want to know You more

Open my eyes Lord I want to see
All You have promised and given to me
O I want to know the secrets
That are hidden in Your Word
I want to know You I want to know You more

Verse 3
And one day I’ll see Your face
And I’ll look into Your eyes
And through all eternity I’ll sing Your praise
And forevermore fulfill my heart’s desire
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  1. Halalu Praise God Yahvah Elohim Adonay El Shadday (Aramaic-Hebrew-Acts26:14 [Rabonni-Aramaic-John 20:16],Rom3:2-10,Gala3:29-26 Jesus Yahvahshua is Lord Adonay-Phil 2:11,1Cor12:3,Rom10:9 Holy Name -Eze36:23-26-31 Know-Is52:6-3-7 No One-Ex3:15 Knows-Ps119:99-129 Except One-Mat13:17 Who Receives It-Rv2:17 Name-Rv19:13 Thank you Father for bringing us to a place of Abundance (Ps66:12), giving us Full (Ps91:14-16) Abundant Life through Jesus Yahvahshua (Jn10:10) a River of Joy (Ps46:4-10) River of Delights (Ps36:8) Praise God Yahvah for blessing us immeasurably more than all we ask for or imagine (Ep3:20) when You Grant a Blessing-it is an Eternal Blessing which continues Forever (1Chron 17:27) filling our homes families with good things (Job22:18) restoring (Ps19:7-1-11 know-Ez39:25-29) delivering (Is58:12-6) healing (Ps103:3-20) strengthening (2The3:3) Your people-Ps68:35 Scriptures say let the righteous rejoice in Adonay-take refuge in Him-let all upright in heart praise Him-Ps64:10 Yahvahshua says do not let your hearts be troubled-trust in God Elohim-trust also in me-Jn14:1-6-23-27 pray at all times-not give up-Lk18:1 pray about everything-worry about nothing-Phil 4:6-4 whatever is true good right pure honorable lovely worthy of praise think on these things-Phil 4:8-12 I am making all things new-write for these Words (Deu32:47-2) are Trustworthy Faithful True (Rv21:5) forget the former things-do not dwell on the past (please note-would a true faithful believer see a psychiatrist that will let you talk about your past or deal with antiques-expensive things-Gala6:14 live by faith-Ga2:20-19-21) God El Shadday says do not dwell on the past-Isa43:18 think it does not say dwell meditate think on problems diseases etc-Test every spirit-2Jn6-8-11 Scriptures say only be still quiet (Lam2:26-40) silent (Hab2:20-14) and you will see El’s Glory (Jn11:40-4 prosper-Ps1:2 wait-Ps37:34) Salvation (Ex14:14-221-31) today (Lk4:21) even right now see (Ac10:44,11:15) power of El (Num11:23) one whom God El sends speaks His Words-gives His Spirit without limit (notice without limit-Jn3:34-7-21) endless flow stream of Righteousness (Am5:24) Holiness (Hb 12:14) overflowing like a river (Jn7:38-10-16) bubbling brook (Pr18:4-7 Tower-Pr18:10 satiates-Pr18:20-21) His understanding is beyond measure unlimited infinite (Jn21:25) so He is more than 66 books-His Power is absolute -Ps147:5 (from above [Mt16:17-23] notice not [Colo3:1-7-11] from this earth-Jn3:31 Know-1Jn4:6-8) Adonay says Words I have spoken (Deu32:47) to you are Spirit and Life-Jn6:63-27 (taught by El-1Jn6:45 everything (1Cor15:27 under His feet-Hb2:8) I am the Bread of Life-Jn5:35 blessing-Jam3:9-6 (True Real Eternal Food-Is 55:2 Nourishment-Jn4:34 welling up for eternal life-Jn4:14-30) My Kingdom is not in this world-Jn18:36 Here is an eye opener-Adonay went around preaching talking (2Cor4:5-18) about the Kingdom of El Heaven not about any religion church ministry-then healed All diseases-Mt4:23 healed Everyone that needed healing-Lk9:11 So he says Proclaim Sovereigndom of El-Lk9:60 Test everything do we hear many churches ministers proclaiming the Kingdom Sovereigndom of God El-we are under Grace-Rm6:14 abounding-Rm5:20 Truth (Jn17:17-16-23) also says Jesus Yahvahshua is everyday Life-24/7 forever-Jn14:6 only way gate password to Heaven-Ac4:11-13 note not any established approved program play drama movie etc or one verse a day-2 wk vacation Bible school or seasonal item figure (Jn1:10-13) He is Eternal Life (1Jn5:11-13-20) not a label or version-All Glory to El (notice not version etc-Rm11:36) Adonay says Only God El is Good-note 15s-Mk10:18-15 Right-Lk16:17-15,Rm7:12-18 -25 Children’s Church-Deu6:7-4-11-18 Transgression violation of the law is sin-1Jn3:4 eating blood-1Sam14:34 come out (Jn15:19) do not share in her plagues-Rv18:4-7-17 YouTube (2 videos) Trust Jesus Hymn Medley III Jehovah Shalom Acapella Two Witnesses-Kirb Ministry Halalu Yahvah Elohim Adonay El Shadday Amen Amen Amen!

  2. 예수 그리스도 한분만으로 평생이 평안하시기만 하시길 그 한분만의 은혜로만 제 아빠, 우리 아버지께 빕니다. 할렐루야~^^

    인도네시아에서는 아버지를 dohan이라하나요? 몰라서요.
    일전에 들었던 곡 같아서 들어와봤는데 그건 아니지만 좋습니다.ㅎㅎㅎ

    한편, 제가 그랬는지 모르지만 자신에게 관심주지 않으면 골부리는 상황에 계신분.도 계시긴 합니다만 우리 기독교인의 상응대상은 영원히 한분일 수밖에 없습니다. 긍휼로 바라봐주면 될 것 같습니다. 해당분들을 위해 기도와 함께요~

  3. I just want You more Dear Jesus–You have brought me through the Valley so many times, yet have spared me-don't know Your will right now as I have been home bound for 4 years at this point.
    Just guide me and I will follow!!! I love you so much and want to praise you all day!! You wake me each morning with a hymn in my head–I feel Your presence with me. I seek You more and more.

  4. This prayer is relevant in each season.
    We want to know you more Lord, more each day, may that fire, that need, desire burn, grow stronger in this season for me, for the church around the world.

  5. You are true minister of the word, May the Lord Jesus continue to bless you more and give you inspiration- whenever am low in spirit listening to your songs encourages me a lot – I have been your fan for years and I am still because your songs of worship are always inspired my the Holy Spirit🙏🏾 God bless you

  6. Beautiful prayer to the Lord
    Sir Don morn. I wish all will pray
    To our Lord healing for our country
    N grant peace for each people

  7. Amen 🙏 Don Moen morning 🌞 beautiful worship and praise music 🎼 to the one and only true God so true the more we seek him the more we know him how awesome he is Jesus.🙏🙏

  8. Saran ada beberapa subtitle..
    Salah satunya Indonesia

    Saya dari Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

    Salam sejahtera dari Indonesia

    Indonesia jumlah penduduk nya..
    Ke 4 terbesar didunia

  9. 💪❤🌎🎵🕊🙏🔥🕛🕒
    Kesaksian NYATA 🌎🌪
    Penglihatan Nubuatan
    Terjadi Dan NYATA
    Trmksh Sukses. selalu
    Doa kami semagat
    Seat selalu maju trust GBU 💎🐪🌎🙏🎵GBU


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