Don Moen – Heal Me O Lord / I Am The God That Healeth Thee | Live Worship Sessions

Don Moen – Heal Me O Lord / I Am The God That Healeth Thee | Live Worship Sessions
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►The Team
Background Vocals: Jovaun Woods, Rachel Robinson
Electric Guitars: Chris Graham, Dave Cleveland
Acoustic Guitar & BGV: Tom Lane
Auxiliary Keyboard & Music Director: Chris Springer
Bass: Matt Pierson
Drums: Tim Newton
Audio Engineer: Chuck Harris

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Recorded at Sound Kitchen in Franklin, TN


Heal Me O Lord

Heal me O Lord
And I will be healed
Save me and I will be saved
Heal me O Lord
And I will be healed
For You are the One I praise
You are the One I praise

I Am The God That Healeth Thee

Verse 1
I am the God that healeth thee
I am the Lord your Healer
I sent My Word and healed your disease
I am the Lord your Healer

Verse 2
You are the God that healeth me
You are the Lord my Healer
You sent Your Word and healed my disease
You are the Lord my Healer


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  1. Amen. Lord Jesus you are our Heavenly Healer. Please touch and heal me from asthma and restore my health. Lord I receive your healing power and I am healed. Thank you so much for your mercy and goodness never fail me. Alleluiah! Praise and thank God! 😊

  2. Having a stage 3 rectal cancer is not easy but thank you Lord for being there for me,thank you for giving me a chance to be with you again,and thank you for everything you've done,and i have nothing to ask you oh Lord,you're will be done🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. What a beautiful songs & praise to our Loving God. Thank you to all the team of Bro. Don for a wonderful songs as well as the great voices. Kudos! May God continue to bless you more.

  4. I have been suffering from anxiety from a young age. I get severe palpitations and vomiting. I end up being sick for days and lose weight. Pls keep me in your prayers🙏 I need complete restoration and a happy fearless life

  5. They prayed for me his power fell on me.he healed childhood and physical heart.never was same again.all my scars rejection was gone.all that suffering that affected me jesus healed it.jesus heals loves.i forgave everyone who ever abused rejected me jesus healed me.

  6. He has always healed physically emotionally.jesus is will be my mighty healer.thanku jesus u healed me of my heart blockage.i didn't require surgery.i went to my heart specialist jesus.i was completely healed ten yrs ago.i had no more chest pain.he gave me new physical and spirit heart.

  7. Lord heal me.. Pagalinginnio na po ako sa aking karamdaman lord.. Ayuha nako lord og ibalik na ang normal nakong kusug og pagginhawa lord.. I love you lord.. Ayuha nko lord.. Amen


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