Don Moen Christian Songs Collection 2022 ✝️ | Thank you Lord, Give Thanks,…

Don Moen Christian Songs Collection 2022 ✝️ | Thank you Lord, Give Thanks,…

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  1. Thank you lord for waking us up this morning,and that I don’t have to wake up worrying about if I’m gonna have a roof over my head or is there gonna be a day I’m gonna starve.Because I know your with me and my family,friends and people all over the world I don’t have to worry.I’m free because of you lord,I’m healthy because of you lord and I can do is thank you so much until my heart gives out.

  2. Thank you very much 0h, GOD for our past workweek, for last night's good, safe, great and enough rest and for this new beautiful, blessed and joyful day.Thank you for the food, shelter, clothing,money..Thank you for the health, strength, intelligence, knowledge and skills.Thank YOU GOD for everything.👏👏👏👏👏👏

  3. Praise God I'm listening christian songs every night and day I'm so blessed.and thank you Lord for everything . Lord protect me. And my family. and Guide me always Lord amen.

  4. Build up sir Don Moen it is True Coz' They YOUTUBE lair Ed lapiz said Japanese Cracy Hou Abouth Philippines Hungry all People There all CrisTians kuno

  5. I SO appreciate this ministry. It’s been a blessing in my life. I shared with my husband, who’d been struggling and now it’s blessing him as well. I have shared it with many of my friends who have been struggling in one way or other. So, if you struggle with opening your Bible because you want God, but don’t know where to turn in your Bible, or feel overwhelmed with how to pray, this is for you! Read along. Pray along. Pause and add prayers. It’s a great help! ❤️


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