Don Moen – Calm in the Midst of the Storm

Friends, we may be in a storm, but God can provide calm in the midst of it. (ft. You Make Me Lie Down in Green Pastures / Come to the River of Life)


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  1. AMEN. Thank you, Don Moen, and your worship team. What a Blessing in these days – a blessing in ANY Day.
    Blessed is this Day that the Lord has made. Thank you, Don and God bless you all for your sweet encouragement of our souls.
    In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

  2. Haleluya Amen2 puji Tuhan indah sekali pujian semangat tetaplah terus semangat mengungkapkan Tuhan kita Yesus kristus dia luar biasa memakai anak2 yg iya kasihh dan sayangi.Puji Tuhan jaga hati .dan kesehatan selalu dalam hadirat Tuhan Amen.Tuhan berkati Pelayananmu. Dan keluarga Semangat .🌷❤🔑💪🙏

  3. Thanks for all your beautiful spiritual videos; they are a great blessing to all who appreciate; God bless you and all His people. You are a great and talented vessel for God!

  4. Thank you Don Moen. I have only recently subscribed to your ministry. Your songs of worship to the LORD have been so comforting and your prayers uplifting. Thank you for the simplicity and the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    God bless you Don and your family! ✝️✨💫


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