Don Moen – Break Through

God is brighter than our darkest night and stronger than our toughest fight! Ask Him to break through like only He can do.

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►The Equipment We Use

Media Creation

The Camera We Use:
The Lens We Use:
Camera Microphone:
Camera Memory Card:
Camera Battery (x2):
Camera Battery Charger:
Tripod We Use:
Lighting Kit We Use:
Backpack We Use to Haul Gear:
Audio Recorder We Use:
Audio Recorder Memory Card:
Memory Card Reader We Use:
Wireless Microphone We Use:
Instrument Cables:
Microphone Cables:

Don’s Recording Equipment

Don’s Microphone:
Don’s Microphone Stand:
Don’s Keyboard:
Don’s Keyboard Stand:
Don’s Mixing Headphones:
Don’s Seat:
Don’s Recording Software: Avid ProTools
Digidesign Rack:
Focusrite ISA 220 Session Pack
Aphex 230 Master Voice Channel Tube Mic Pre (x2)

Editing Equipment

Monitor We Use to Edit:
Editing Software:


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  1. Keep sowing because This person's.
    Is from Us to Nations.
    My Christian Friends Standing on Bible Research. According to your Word
    Shalom Shalom
    Don Moen. God is Very Gpd

  2. I ask God for His peace that passes all understanding often!!! I do not watch much news. I have Lupus and have to keep my stress level down–but everyone don't stay glued to the news-it will be used by satan to keep you down and kicked around!!! "Cast you cares upon the Lord, for He cares for you." 1Peter 5:7—-It works–as does all the Bible!!!

  3. I had a recurring troubling skin allergy since the teens but d
    bring Breakthrough2000 Rally here in Malaysia, I no more had this skin problem.Many of my immediate family had struggles with "widowhood" ie they r either unmarried, married n then widowed n always struggling cos they continuously bear almost the full burden of looking after their families with little help or worse, added troubles from the "men" in their homes.God gave me a breakthrough! How? I heard God's still small voice directing me, obeyed tho at times thru some struggling N always lifting UP my voice to praise HIM n now enjoying breakthroughs N enjoying praising n worshipping more n more❤️

  4. I used to confine myself in the anointing and the message of all the songs that our God had given through you my dear brother, God bless you. From Phillipines.

  5. I am so much blessed with your song Don Moen. God is always being praised and exalted through heartfelt worship. Lord Jesus thank you for the life of this man. Blessed him and tenfold of his family circle, friends, and the church. Forgive our sins Lord that we may partake with you on your banquet.


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