Don Moen – Be It Unto Me

Be it unto me according to your word, according to your promises, I can stand secure. Carve upon my heart the truth that sets me free, according to your word O’ Lord, be it unto me.

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Media Creation

The Camera We Use:
The Lens We Use:
Camera Microphone:
Camera Memory Card:
Camera Battery (x2):
Camera Battery Charger:
Tripod We Use:
Lighting Kit We Use:
Backpack We Use to Haul Gear:
Audio Recorder We Use:
Audio Recorder Memory Card:
Memory Card Reader We Use:
Wireless Microphone We Use:
Instrument Cables:
Microphone Cables:

Don’s Recording Equipment

Don’s Microphone:
Don’s Microphone Stand:
Don’s Keyboard:
Don’s Keyboard Stand:
Don’s Mixing Headphones:
Don’s Seat:
Don’s Recording Software: Avid ProTools
Digidesign Rack:
Focusrite ISA 220 Session Pack
Aphex 230 Master Voice Channel Tube Mic Pre (x2)

Editing Equipment

Monitor We Use to Edit:
Editing Software:


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  1. Always loved songs by Don Moen. Simple and pure worship. Scripture set to song. No genetically modified Christianity here. Just the truth, delivered authentically. And the FATHER is GLORIFIED!

  2. Please pray for my husband ABEL..that he is going to wake up. He had a heart attack and damage his brain. By God's working power he will be healed. Thank you so much.

  3. You are a blessing to each one of us. This song is such a great blessing! We are blessed beyond measure.
    "Be it unto me, according to your words". Thank you, Don Moen for this beautiful song.
    Truly God is Good! All the Glory belongs to Him😇🙏

  4. Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah, indeed the promise of our lord jesus christ and his father is what we have been praying for in our lives. Thanks very much for your words of encouragement sir.

  5. Thanks Mr.Don Moen..
    Your songs really encourage me since i was in my Senior High School and until now… each time i face problems and worried, this songs " Be it unto me", always and always appear in my head.. God bless u , sir.. Regards from Indonesia..

  6. Brother .i will sing to our savior in heaven with you for sure.make more songs for me .enjoying your voice along with the inspiring words that draws me close to almighty.thank you bro.

  7. I'm going through a lot Jesus 😪 the doctor's report is killing me right now Lord I need You please 🙏 😢 I need You Jesus 🙏 😢 Jesus I need You 🙏 💔 in You alone I put my trust 🙏 ❤ 😢


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