Do Not Give Up; God Will Bring You Back To Yourself! – [SPECIA PRAYERS] – With Ravi Zacharias

Do Not Give Up; God Will Bring You Back To Yourself! – [SPECIA PRAYERS] – With Ravi Zacharias
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  1. One thing I know about Ravi: he is indeed a man of God. Wicked people planned demise of his ministry. Well, thank God There are God fearing pure in heart who will continue to proclaim the truth taught by Ravi. Those who believed lies and went on You tube and publicly disowned Ravi will be judged by God. It will be a heavy judgement for joining hands with the wicked

  2. Although I know Ravi has come under fire and it appears the scandal may be true – I still believe his sermons are full of truth and I still believe Jesus and the bible show us the truth of life. Relationship and obedience to Jesus are the path to eternal life not Ravi but the message he did present but may not have lived out perfectly. I believe God will forgive him and judge Ravi. I weep foe his victims and pray foe their healing

  3. I am so greatful for Zacharias. I came across the concept of cancel culture. It reminded of what he says in this video about "The quotient of shame being removed" (28:10). What does it do to us when we no longer think of shame being healthy but in all otherwise-would-be healthy ways, we blame our sense of hurt for our shame on others or our culture by calling it a "cancel culture" wherein it could be wrong to be ostracized for doing something wrong because if I feel shame, someone hurt me and because of that it is their fault, not mine.

  4. there are people out there who will listen to a message and scrutinize the Massinger looking for ways and means to bring him down ,and never grasp at the wisdom he offer , man will spent all that he have to bring down another out of envy, forget not that God was accuse of opening the eyes of a blind men as sinful, in the end he was Nail on a cross, the lord said if i have to judge man , who will stand ?people you be the judge ,

  5. I really enjoyed the message and appreciate your great wisdom. I do worry for you though and would like to say out of love that I think you might need to be pulled back in and remember who our God is. You have a beautiful way of expressing and explaining yet I barely heard a word or actual scripture.. Sadly I heard many more references for human beings, who some I will agree are blessed with wisdom, but we can't get sucked into THEIR words, THEIR quotes. It's something that my spirit kept worrying for for you while listening and I feel I wanted to share a reminder to keep our eyes and ALL else on Yeshua our Messiah and Savior. I've been blessed with your words and sermons and hope to enjoy them more in the future, God willing! Be blessed brothers and sisters ๐Ÿ’–

  6. Amen. Here a little testimony.

    As we were in mozambique, we preached the Gospel as the restoration of man to the image of God for free, because of Gods love. We explained the fall of man and Gods resolution by His own atoning blood and transformation power and love of Holy Spirit.

    After asking who would want to become this new creation, 75% of the villagers stood on their feet. I just said: "Father, Holy Spirit, here are your children, keep them in your truth and make them like you".

    We had a general fire tunnel. All that went through it got touched by Holy Spirit, wobly on their feet. The day after we prayed for the sick. Children danced in front of us leading us to the homes where people lay sick. Some starving. All got healed.

    After the 9th healing we looked at eachother and said: this is what the first church was like, all got healed.

    A woman, later it turned out she was the wife of the head of the Village, was laying on a bed with red swollen legs. In pain. She could not walk. As i prayed for her wholeness, i looked away, looked at her legs again and was like: hey, those legs were red and swollen a second ago… How God does that… well He is God… and He is in us…

    Another woman had severe stomage issues. After the first "be whole, be healed" prayer, nothing happened. Someone said: "i think it is a 4th generational curse!". Well, that does not change the Gospel so we prayed again. The woman felt "something" leave her stomage and was instantly well.

    Etc, etc.

    After a week we stopped by on our way home. The son of the head of the Village leaped for joy and said that all we had prayed for had been healed and numereous people had had revelations from Holy Spirit. But, there was this one man he really wanted us to pray for. Antonio.

    He laid in a chickenshed on a broken bed. Just skin and bones. It turned out that in his teenage years he had been wandering of in to the mountains, screaming and yelling for years, returned home, laid down, never moved again, never spoke again. Total muscle loss. Total contraction. Unable to move.

    I crawled up to him, embraced him on his bed standing in his faeces. Loved on him, cried over him, spoke healing, completeness over him, said it was all over, that Jesus has come to make him whole again. In the mean time i said: Jesus am i doing ok? He answered: you're doing just fine.

    We washed him. Dressed him up. All on his bed. Then suddenly i heard Holy Spirit say: get him on his feet! So i took his hand and said: arise! And pulled him up on his feet. Wobly but standing, he made his first steps in 15 years. Impossible! The whole village went banana's praising God. We gave some last instructions and drove home.

    God stooped down in Christ to give us back the divine life Adam let go of in the fall of man. What a resolve, what a God, what a love.

    Be encouraged. Continue in the faith. Holy Spirit guides in to truth and transforms all of us back to original created value: Christlikeness. Walking in unselfish divine power and love.

  7. Biblical implications about vaccine and Christian doctors have confirmed. Pray for wisdom and He will give it freely. Contains man made enzyme called LUCIFERASE. God's people die from lack of knowledge. See Revelation 18 and do research. Please pray.

  8. Yes The Creator Has All Those Whom He Created In His Image~ Whoms Hair Is That Of Pure Wool~ It's The Creator's Enemies Whom Targets The Creator & Wants Possession Of Heaven & Earth ~ & God ~ & The Throne~ & Continue In Trying 2 Fill Thee Earth With Artificial Intelligence~
    Which All Shall Be Destroyed With JC & All Wicked & Deceiving Doers~


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