Difference btw John MacArthur and Ravi Zacharias | John MacArthur on Ravi Zacharias

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  1. I've listened to Pastor MacArthur for over 2 years now I don't think a day is gone by where I haven't found a video to listen to and sometimes they've been so good I've literally listened to them over and over all day long even if I'm doing dishes cooking supper no matter what I'm doing I hear his voice and this has got to be the most stunning video he has ever made! Get a tissue! I praise God everyday for this man!

  2. I always thought Ravi Zacharias was so smart, so intelligent, so wise and had so much information beyond himself. I was wrong. John MacArther is truly the wise one.

  3. Hmmm…I wonder if he and his elders practiced what they preach and issued a public apology to Eileen Gray as well as publicly repenting of their sins of spiritual abuse and bullying?

    In 2002 MacArthur twice publicly shamed Eileen from that very pulpit, directing the congregation to treat her as an unbeliever.

    Eileen’s husband, David, served GCC in music and bible teaching to children. In 2001, Eileen left him taking her children with her, citing David’s abusive ways. For the next year, GCC elders attempted through biblical counselling and letters to coerce Eileen to take her husband back. Eileen refused and was thus publicly shamed, with MacArthur offering prayers instead for her husband David.

    In 2005, David was convicted and sentenced to more than 20 years for child abuse offences.

    It should serve as a warning that if you are a victim of abuse do not take it to your elders. Go to the police. At least then you will be taken seriously, one would hope.

  4. No answered questions just comments to imbue a sense of righteousness beyond humans. A poor example of leadership. He should have admitted his humanity not pretend to be a god..don’t tell me I’m wrong, prove I’m wrong

  5. Notice that John never emphasize himself being the objection of his failure should he fail but he said he didn’t want to really mess up their faith in Christ amen

  6. Is that really a healthy way to be and to teach? To be dependent upon a spiritual leader so much so that when their frailties show up, it damages our own Constitution, and our own resolve? Isn't that putting your trust in the arm of flesh? Wouldn't it be better to have the perspective that these people we are listening to are just as broken as any of us? That in their private lives they are struggling to live up to the best idea of themselves that they can? And because they are public figures, sometimes those insecurities, and brokenness show through? If we don't put them on some kind of a pedestal, should it affect us in such a negative way? Wouldn't it be better for us to just concentrate on doing the best we can, and then have compassion upon those around us when they slip and fall?

  7. Set your mind on Jesus Christ with a repentant heart and leave Him, to decide what you'll leave behind.

    The reason I say this, is because it is by grace through faith, that we are saved and that is not of ourself. So it isn't by works or anything we do, or don't do, but by faith alone, having believed that Jesus died for our sins once for all, and that God raised Him from the dead.
    The bible says we are to believe this in our heart and confess it with our mouth, unto salvation.

    So, does doing this, make it a works based salvation? Not at all, it is an act of obedience to God, the Holy Spirit, Whom, has indwelt the believer, causing regeneration of our spirit that was dead in Adam. Just like He did in the one thief on the cross next to Jesus.

    We have been given a new spirit and a new heart that is not hardened toward righteousness and a renewing of the mind, which completely changes our volition. This is why a sinner would be willing to walk away from sin and follow Jesus as Lord of their life. Just like you are thinking, you may wanna do.

    Judging by the comments, it sounds to me as though you are doing exactly what you said in your heart, you would be willing to do. The Lord is the One that will see the work He has begun in you, through unto completion. Which of course, will be when we meet Him face to face in our new glorified digs. Our new glorified body, I was just trying to sound cool by saying, "digs". Lol..

    I purposely said it that way, to show you that we Christians are just like everyone else, in that we like to have fun, still wanna come across as cool, unique and individual or whatever our thing is, just not prideful or immoral, or anything sinful.

    We live a new more abundant life inside these vessels, that is pleasing to God and brings glory to Him. This is the fruit of the Spirit. His Spirit, the Paraclete, Who is working in us, doing all of the heavy lifting and comforting us, and rooting us onward to the finish line, by encouraging and enabling us. He is also sanctifying us, which of course is setting us apart from the world around us. Making us a peculiar people, something like God's chosen people, the Jews. Only for them it was in the physical sense as they were commanded to live in a way that was so different than anyone else, that they remained separate from everyone, thus ensuring a pure bloodline to the throne of David, and our Lord and King, the long awaited Messiah or Christ Jesus, Who will reign on David's throne forever.

    But, in us the elect, it is spiritual, and yes we too, are a peculiar people, in the sense that we are merely sojournors in a land that is not our own, as we are just passing through, to reach the destination that God has placed the desire for, in our hearts.

    Here is the tough part, and I can tell you this without concern of you turning and running the other way, because if indeed you are elect, then you, like myself and all of the brethren will be cast, in the furnace of affliction. Notice that I didn't say "cast into", like Daniel's three buddies, who were cast into a furnace in an effort to destroy them. Rather, I said "cast in" and the reason for this, is because for us, it is not for punishment and destruction, but discipline and admonishment and through affliction, we are being perfected in Christ or you could say, being made into the image or likeness of Christ. This is achieved by our suffering, as He did. This I believe is only one of the reasons behind what Paul meant when he said, to take up our cross and follow Him, and also, work out your salvation with fear an trembling.

    When we are following Christ, we are the light of Christ, to the world around us. I am not saying we are Christ. But, when people see and hear a true blue born of God Christian soldier, there is such a vast difference between them and us, that those that remain rebellious against the Lord become uncomfortable because they love darkness and all the sinfulness that goes with it. They hate the light and shun it because it reveals the truth about their wickedness and the dark sinful condition of their heart,

    We need to be on our guard from attacks by the evil one, who works his craft in and through those that remain spiritually dead in Adam, as they are lost and deceived. We will be persecuted for Christ's name sake. That is one of the marks of a godly man. Just look at all that our Lord allowed, for Paul to suffer for Christ's name sake. Also let us not forget that there is a spiritual battle for the mind, taking place, and the reading of the word and prayer are where we will find some of our best defense against any accusations from the evil one, not to mention, both the word and prayer can be a quiet place of refuge, to shelter us from any of the storms we must go through in our trials.

    I am confident, that the Lord has already begun a great work in you. Tonight when I head down to the lake, to spend time with the Lord. I will include all of you in my prayer.

    Anyhow brothers and sisters, I love you, as do all of the brethren, as does our gracious Lord and Savior

  8. Whom ever came up with this Title needs to think about RZ family. No one is perfect and God is his judge , we all fall short of the glory of God, we are simple just saved sinners nothing more nothing less.

  9. Still none of it of all he mentioned is enough to prevent him to fall, if he does not humbled himself he will be abased… For the glory belongs to the Lord. He along is to be credited for preventing the fall of so many.
    And yes he has in himself to fall is just God's mercy who has kept him from it.

  10. All of this was nice but literally anybody can hold you accountable and doesn’t need to be people in your close circle. Now if you take heed to the rebuke depends on you pridefulness or the hardness of your heart.

    That’s why I believe non-Christian should read the Bible because there is so much hypocrisy that goes on from people that profess to believe. And the worst thing is to get corrected/rebuked by a non-Christian, boy that pricks the heart so deep! The worst phrase to hear is “ aren’t you supposed to be a Christian?” or “I thought you were a Christian?” Just makes you wanna go crawl up under a rocks somewhere and it makes you feel like such a fraud.

  11. I'm sorry, but he sounded a little boastful to me. My accountability is with He who can cast my body and soul into hell. And I would be lying to all of you if I tell you that I have not crossed that line in the worst way possible many times, and it is the love of God the love that I don't want to betray, and yet I have. It is then when I know how great is His love for me and how abundant His grace and mercy is toward me.
    I think it is important to be accountable to others as Mr. Mcarthur has said here, but all accountability is subordinated to He whom we all will give an account of our deeds ultimately.

  12. The reason it has this title is because after Ravi died they found out he had multiple sexual relationships with different women and he owned several massage parlors I believe. Google him.

    John MacArthur is just reaffirming his accountability to his congregation.

  13. 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Did you think Ravi Zacharias wouldn't have said the same thing if asked, before he died?
    And what about being accountable to the thousands who worship him?

    Every born-again child of God is accountable for their misdeeds only to the extent of hurting God (& grieving His Spirit).
    All others: group of elders, children, wife etc don't come into play, because there's nothing in Sola Scriptura that says be accountable to these folks.

  14. Go ahead and trash SDA and EG WHITE , but almost all SUNday preachers are scared, in horror, cringe with terror to debate competent sabbath scholars!!! I triple dare any SUNday preacher to debate me at their church…I already challenged John MacArthur and he ignored my challenge. Sabbath abrogation is a warp of bible and insult of JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT, and the 4 gospel writers.

  15. This is nice but…there are a lot of people in the Bible. Humility is accepting that I’m no better than any of them, and that the power of God is demonstrated in accepting the healing and forgiving power of the blood of Jesus. If I in any suggest that it is by my own power than Christ’s redemption is not necessary for me, and I’m operating another gospel. I’m a horrible wretched man, and only Christ can fix me. Not man, least he should boast. I pray that God found Ravi at the end. He is the answer. The circles of people are all good and helpful but…get rid of the “I”s. Unless you’re a potato.

  16. I really appreciate the clip. However, there is no reason to mention Ravi Zacharias in the title. I hope you will reconsider, for "there is none righteous, no not one." Romans 3:10

  17. I like John MacArthur as a man. But his tugging at the heart strings here contradicts his own doctrine of salvation: if he’s among the Elect there’s nothing he can do – no sin too heinous – that can get him un-elected. If he’s among the reprobate no degree of moral rectitude can move God to save him. And if he became a mass-murder tomorrow that wouldn’t effect one iota of God’s eternal decree of election and reprobation. All those God unconditionally elected – and only those people – are guaranteed salvation no matter what. According to MacArthur’s own teaching.

  18. I believe John MacArthur is an authentic Man of God and is very sincere, and YET that being true, he is STILL very much a flawed and sinful creature even as the great Men of the Bible were. We must NEVER forget that truth!

  19. Your sins is worse than that of Ravi as you have a different Christ, Bible and God to most Christians.
    I pray for you John to stop lying about Christ and to tell the Truth and not your warped version.
    You state: "I want to be Christ to her" – are you claiming to be a god now John???, yes of-course you are as the $1M a year is not enough for you current wealth of $15M


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