Desperate Faith – Bishop T.D. Jakes

To those who have fought with all kinds of devils and turmoil, it’s time to get desperate! Get desperate enough to declare war on the enemy. Get desperate enough to run to the Lord. Get desperate because the enemy doesn’t stop at our artificial boundaries to hurt us — and God doesn’t stop there to bless us. God will show you that a believer with desperate faith is a believer with a delivered life!

Sermon Title: “Desperate Faith!”
Scripture: Matthew 15:21-28 (NIV)
Speaker: Bishop T.D. Jakes
Date: Sept. 19, 2021

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  1. Come on brother PREACH IT !!!! I was in a dispute last week concerning the kids these days that are sexually confused . God has had me ministering to them . So many have been through horrible trauma. They have suffered , or are still suffering . I say, it's the sick and the hurting , the confused and broken that we are supposed to be reaching out to . Not to accuse them , and not to shame them . But to love , and to greet , and to comfort and lead them to Christ . We cannot condemn a person and in the same conversation expect them to take our hand and follow us to some God who already condemns them . And these kids go seeking the Lord in DESPERATE FAITH , only to find people who proclaim to be Christians , and cast stones at the broken like the pharisees . Many have committed suicide , sometimes even murder because of this persecution. Praise God brother . God introduced me to your ministry over 10 yrs . Ago . Thru homelessness, sorrow , sin , and desperation, somehow God would have your sermon on someone's phone , or on a TV somewhere I happened to be . Just random places . You have always spoken the truth . And not afraid to do it . Praise God for you brother . You're a light to many who are broken . God speaks to me in DETAIL answering my prayers through your sermons . Things that only myself and God know . I tell my friends about you . A lot of them have said they know who you are already and know that God speaks through you . Much love and prayers . Be safe

  2. I'm looking to have hopefully a chance to prepare for what I need every way as the Lord God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit leads me in Yeshua NAME AMEN (TRUSTING GOD,YESHUA AND RUACH HAKODESH IN YESHUA NAME AMEN).

  3. I'm desperate now and I am not going to take it no more I am desperate I need God,Yeshua and Ruach HaKodesh to help me in Yeshua NAME AMEN (TRUSTING GOD,YESHUA AND RUACH HAKODESH IN YESHUA NAME AMEN).

  4. I want him out of my house my mind my body my womb my son my job finances out out get out devil out of my relations out out get out devil get out of my kids get out in Jesus Name

  5. This a very powerful sermon I can’t stop watching this believe in Christ is very important. I want to thank Bishop T D Jakes for this sermon powerful


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