Darlene Zschech 2021 with Beautiful Christian Worship Songs of 🙌Uplifting Worship Songs Medley

Darlene Zschech 2021 with Beautiful Christian Worship Songs of 🙌Uplifting Worship Songs Medley

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  1. I was saved from 28 years of active addiction, homeless holding signs for $ and in and out of psych wards 22 times and now sober 3months working a full time job, attending church regularly and on the cusp of seeing my family for the first time in 28 years. Yes!! Just restores.praise god.🙏🙏🙏

  2. Good 🌅. Morning. Good morning King God for the Lord the greatest king of all who created it all. Thank you we praise you we love you from the full armor family. Good morning 👑. King Jesus Christ our Savior. Is power in the name of Jesus Kingdom follow the greatest creator of all now darlena Hill has a full armor family that I talked about our King up or the Lord our greatest creator of all. Growing a hill has a full armor family that I taught about our King Jesus Christ our Savior. A family that 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 we are the full armor family of love and giving. And first praising. He will see King God for the Lord the greatest creator of all. You will see his beloved son King Jesus Christ our Savior. Look what king God for the Lord created. Are beautiful 🌎. Water food clothes a roof over her head car buses library train planes scooters bikes motorcycles. So we can get around. But most of all we can walk and these two King names. So let's get up and walk through these two kings in their names amen. 👑👑. Doralena hill.

  3. Good 🌅. Morning. Warriors. This is the full armor family. That praises two or two 👑. King got by the Lord the greatest creator of all. 👑. King. Jesus Christ our Savior. And sing and dance. Darlena. Zschech. The full armor family wakes up praising our two kings singing your songs two or two 👑👑. Thank you. You been blessed the full armor family been blessed. Doralena. Hill. Amen.

  4. Halalu Praise God Yahvah Elohim Adonay El Shadday (Aramaic-Hebrew-Acts26:14 [Rabonni-Aramaic-John 20:16],Rom3:2-10,Gala3:29-26 Jesus Yahvahshua is Lord Adonay-Phil 2:11,1Cor12:3,Rom10:9 Holy Name -Eze36:23-26-31 Know-Is52:6-3-7 No One-Ex3:15 Knows-Ps119:99-129 Except One-Mat13:17 Who Receives It-Rv2:17 Name-Rv19:13 Thank you Father for by Grace You have fully equipped us with everything good (Hb 13:21-5-13) for doing Your Will (Mt6:10) not lacking any spiritual gift as we wait for revealing of our Lord Jesus Christ (Adonay Yahvahshua Mashyeak) who protects sustains makes us strong to the end (1Cor1:4-10) guiltless blameless-Colo1:22-16-26 Scriptures say Lord Adonay loves justice-He will never abandon His people-He preserves lives of His Faithful ones-kept safe forever-Ps37:28-31 No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man-God Yahvah is faithful-He will not let you be tempted beyond your strength but will also provide way of escape-a way out-that you may be able to endure it-1Cor10:13 (partner-1Cor10:20-21) Thank you Father You calm the storm to a whisper-still waves-turmoil of nations (Ps65:7) what a blessing is that stillness as You bring us safely into harbor-Ps107:29-30 Heaven (Dan5:19-21-5) rules (Dan4:26-17) God Elohim reigns Forever -Ps97:1-7 His Dominion is Everlasting (Dan7:14) never destroyed-Dan6:27 God El Shadday directs (Pr16:9-3) controls course of world events-Dan2:21 Like birds hovering so Adonay of Hosts will protect Jerusalem (Ez9:2-8) He will deliver spare rescue it-please note 5s-Is31:5 many others fell slain because battle was God El’s-they occupied land until exile-1Chro5:22 For my plan (Ps33:11) is to destroy (Ez38:22-23-5) all nations that come against Jerusalem-Zec12:9 Truth sanctifies-Jn17:16 (ONE-Jn17:23) man is not established by wickedness but righteous cannot be uprooted-Pr12:3-1 wise-Pr12:15 immortality-Pr12:28 in a moment-in the twinkling-in a blink of an eye-we will all be changed-1Cor15:51-53 (not in vain-1Cor15:58) Test every spirit-El’s Spirit is broader than the earth-wider than sea-filling this earth with His Wisdom Knowledge Understanding as waters cover sea-Hab 2:14-4 a bubbling brook (Pr18:4-7) even now (Lk4:21 Holy Spirit fell-Ac10:44 as we speak the Word Truth of El-Ac11:15) rivers-Jn7:38-10-16 everytime we choose to read know talk (2Cor4:5) about Him for He is the Word (Jn1:1-14-17-51) Truth (Jn17:17-16-23) says how wonderful to understand things (Ecc8:1-11-17-20) what is happening now-what will happen in the future already happened before (Ecc3:15-17) rivers run into sea yet sea is never full-all things are wearisome-eye never tired of seeing nor ear satisfied of hearing-history repeats itself -Ecc1:7-9 race is not to the swift-battle to strong nor does food come to the wise-wealth to brilliant or favor to learned but time and chance happen to them all-morever no man knows when his hour will come as fish are caught in a cruel net-birds taken in a snare so men are trapped by evil times that fall unexpectedly upon them (Ecc9:11-12-3) yet those who fear El will be better off because they fear (Job28:28) before Him (Ecc8:12) be patient in affliction tribulation trouble-prayerful always-note 12s-Rm12:12,Hb12:12 Our present sufferings are nothing compared to what is coming-Rm8:18 Word (Hb4:12 straightening us out-2Tm3:16) also says physical suffering ends power of sin (1Pt4:1-7) after you have suffered a little while-El of All Grace who has called you to His Eternal Glory in Christ Mashyeak will himself restore establish strengthen you-producing a harvest-fruit of righteousness peace-a quiet growth in Grace Character (Rm5:3-5) to Him be Dominion Forever and Ever Amen -1Pt5:10-8 Yahvahshua says what I say to you I say to everyone-watch and pray-Mk13:37 son of man comes at hour you do not expect Him-Mt24:44-51 YouTube (2 videos) https://youtu.be/Ss_v0ka8dJc Together we heal as One https://youtu.be/Hr1lW83qHCs Harmful Unhealthy Foods Halalu Yahvah Elohim Adonay El Shadday Amen Amen Amen!

  5. 저 뉴비들이… 창작 활동하려고.. 골방으로 들어간다!!

    문학가들은 집필실로 들어가고..

    재떨이와 담배를 입에 물고… 창작을 한다구… 뿌연 담배 연기 속에서… 계속 고민을 하면 악보를 그리지… 작사 + 작곡…

    다양한 악기!!

    사람을 구한다구… 다양한 음악 기법을 활용!!

    아카펠라, 코러스를 넣을건지… 고민!!

  6. You named the video “Darlene Zschech” but most of the worshippers singing the song on the list isn't her. 😂😂 sorry, i just observed it. 💙

  7. If you're going through a tough battle in your life, remember the times Christ stepped in and fought your battles. Never does the bible say one "Stress over it" "Worry about it" or "figure it out" But more than a million times, in clear print, over and over it says "Trust God." Don't let things of this world weigh you down because it's not even yours to carry. He will make a way, He will provide everything you need. Either emotionally, spiritually or financially. He will make a way when there is no way.

  8. Thank you God for his healing mighty hands upon us.

    May Your healing hand rest upon me, may Your life-giving powers flow into every cell of my body and into the depths of my soul, cleansing, purifying, restoring me to wholeness and strength for service in Your Kingdom. Amen.

  9. GOD is visiting my home through your planted seeds of song and praise. Thanks DARLENE ZSCHECH. From Tampa Bay Florida, USA for making this video WAY MAKER – PRAISE & WORSHIP2 ⚘🙌

  10. God wants you to be vulnerable and honest when you pray. He knows what you're going to pray for before you even pray. And he doesn't listen to the big words you use or the very very long prayer, he looks at your heart. God bless all who are reading this!

  11. Amen Jesus is a waymaker, light of the darknes ,miracle worker, promise keeper ,that is who you are, Amen Thank you God in heaven , you sent your begotten son to us to save and rescue us from the darkness..glory to your name Jesus.

  12. Your music really inspired more people. it's my stress reliever. And gives me more courage and hope , that only God gives me strength to always be faithful to God and every good things will follow if we will just surrender to Him everything we cannot carry.

    With God nothing is impossible. AMEN.🙏🌈☀️🙏


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