CURSING MARRIAGE DELAYS – Apostle Joshua Selman- 2021

CURSING MARRIAGE DELAYS – Apostle Joshua Selman- 2021


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  1. be fruitful also means to adopt, care, nurse children or next ones, minister with your lifes and multiply in the spirit through wonderful blessings that God uses through you.

  2. I Curse Everything Cursing DELAYS In My Life… I Curse Anything Covering My Face, I Curse Everything Cursing Late Marriage… May Esther Kind Of Favour Locate Me Today…..It's My Year And Season…… Anything That Will Make Me Marry Wrong I Curse It….. Anything Fighting My Relationship Not To Work I Curse It Now And Forever…..

  3. Tears rolling down my face because this is a serious situation and it hurts so bad because I love like Jesus does. Please do not tell me that because I feel violated. I asked my husband for help and he refused and said I was just saying things and then just leave.

  4. You are absolutely correct because this is the first time I have never experienced this. It does not feel great to go through something like that and I have never slept with him. I told my husband and he did not believe me about needing his help. I was never unfaithful to my husband.

  5. You are a great man of God. It does not have nothing to do with the outer looks but the heart of a man is where you find the true character of that individual. Most of all a man after God’s own heart 💜

  6. Thank you so much for this wonderful message sir and I connect to all the 🔥🔥 PRAYERS and I say Amen to all the prayers in Jesus mighty name Amen 🙏

  7. Psalms 128:1-4
    Genesis 1:28

    Reasons why people experience late or no marriage
    1)Unreasonable expectation
    -Dont celebrate success that dont have history
    2)Health factors
    3)Geographic, Cultural and Family factors
    if your crossing boundaries to any place, be aware of
    -Territorial wickedness is real
    4)Demonic Oppression

    Reasons for fights and unfaithfulness
    -Violetating the love respect principal (eph 5:22-25)
    -Emotional disatisfaction
    -Financial Issues
    -Spiritual Factors

    Reasons for barrenness and unfruitfulness in marriage (Mark 11:12-14)
    -health changes
    -98% of barrenness issues in marriage is resultant effects of satanic activities(individual or tied to families)

  8. Victoria over my relationships remove exposure of all evildoers wrong doing around my relationships with s,hg.m ,c evil activate influence that holding I carrine captive in this unhealthy relationships in mysteriously evil human spirit devour thank you God in Jesus name I pray amen


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