Cultivating The Attitudes That Affect Human Action Part 2 | Dr. Myles Munroe

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Kingdom Leadership – Developing The Right Attitude Album Titles:

Disc 1 – Rediscovering The Leadership Attitude of Kings Part 1
Disc 2 – Rediscovering The Leadership Attitude of Kings Part 2
Disc 3 – Cultivating The Attitudes That Affect Human Action Part 1
Disc 4 – Cultivating The Attitudes That Affect Human Action Part 2
Disc 5 – Defining True Leadership

In this series, Dr. Myles Munroe teaches how attitude creates your world, designs your destiny, and determines your success or failure in any venture in life. More opportunities have been lost, withheld, and forfeited because of attitude than from any other cause. Having the right attitude is more important than power, title, social status, or wealth. The distinguishing factor between a true leader and a follower is attitude.

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  1. Dr Munro, you have show me how I teach children and elderly ladies, in pictures and film. And I went studying Theology to met a man who God, gave only his church and his church office. In all those I have develope people's gifts. I did that free for 68 yrs. Untill others become wealthy, famous and rich and I poor. People told me I am not to listen to you. Yet I found you Tru. Yet in one thing I disagree. Because the soul is in the blood. I love JESUS and GOD TRI-UNE,, and saw His miracles follow my prayers since being a kid. Praying. I saw my mistakes, when my penticostal preachers couldn't lead me when I seek and we're Marraige age. Please teach to young girls, how not to marry the wrong man, for I found in marring a man that was penticostal all the.trouma I ran away from all my life and it multiplied. Even though GOD was there and I cew the cud. I could n' t support my self. Neither want to live unfulfilled. For the whole world now want to help me like Samariths. All those Billionêrs and TRILLIONERS. All those who want me to meditate, to the subconscious mind. Who wanted to take. Me beyond,, in the black hole and into the son and beyond. Because I did not do it their way, but GOD's way. As Soldier of the cross.Likevking Dawid running from Saul. Runninghg hiding in God TRI- UNE from the start. Knowing what HE allow me, is for bennifit for all other Nations to become saved. For I know that the heart is not in the subconscious mind. If it was, and people believe it. We can become brain washed. Although those people in the beginning also cover the chest and heart. If you do not seated in heaven. They can destroy you. For they talking to those people in space ships beyond. They even have aliens saying they have souls. Meaning blood. Where did they got it from. Just like in S.A. when the canibals ate the first Boer people. Louw Wepener. Who climb up to tribes that made stealing a gift. They capture him. Cut out his heart and ate it. That they thought for 2 centuries giving them strenght. You do not know the Tru culture of witchcraft of some of these tribes. Mandela made abortion legal. Killing unborn. They burry those the treach hold. To give them more power. That time when the goverment change. They burn their own people lighting tyres to burn those alive who disagree. I lead a young man to Jesus and he minnister the Kingdom. While asleep they light his sink hut and burn him alive. When white Theologians and Christian Sphycologists brought these people like Mandella to reighn, the Zulu Sangoma/ witch Dr. on TV had sex with a goat. There much more in the ballast of a boat to keep it a float in a Gail. You nead skill to not get ship wrecht. I study 7 yrs under those guys. God show me HE know who and what HE does and I had to trust. HIM and no man. Yet give HIS son's to HIM. Yet for me a called girl and woman I continually pray and repend. Had to correct my thinking to HIS Insight of HIS TRUTH of the Not written but SOKEN word. For it kill flesh and Resurrect Spirit continually. For I saw and learn by studying Fish, Birds and Wild and Domesting Animals. Even Rocks, Water, sand, grownd, insects and creatures that living in the ground. The happenings ing the time of the flood. Various types of waters I did not study that at Universities or schools, but by reading, watching , listening, through out those yrs. And applying it, sharing it, teaching it. Even if I was payed or not for 68 yrs. Yet God show me after half that time, to go to the gentiles to see how they serve their God's and then came to serve Him in the same way. Now for 5 months. Since I have a smart phone and wifi. I have been able to do that
    With no friends. Hardly any support. Alone, scaresly able to survive. I have gain new insight of THE WORD, much deeper knowledge of old truths, yet also new hights and widts. Nearly constand in a half fasting mode. My reactions became a listening waiting on GOD to move through me. Yet constand applying where ever I go and watch. I have many art and craft skills.Yet apply that when I minnister, to reach who ever my audiance. be. For I love people since I prayed for people all over. And all ought to do it but don't. Yet got gave me insight and knowlege from my skill to prune, and my farming background. A little few insects, birds. And fish, as well as anmals having keys. So domestic animals. In the ground/ fertilizer/and polinating : wind/ rain/thunder/ water in various form/ fire/ heat/ cold. All seasons. For we so easily complain. Yet GOD know what HE is doing, with all those things, HE gave us no cotrole over. All

  2. I Love Myles Munreo but am waiting for my breakthrough.Whoever reads my message Please pray for my Financial breakthrough as this is crucial Amen to my Family🙏🙏🙏

  3. I wrote the theme for that meeting at my church that year. It was and still is an honor to have been associated with Dr. Munroe. We miss him greatly still

  4. wala na ba itong makakaya kundi mga babae! bakla ba itong pangulo? bukod sa duwag at wala itong bayag, ang paborito nitong kalabanin ay mga babae, tulad ni de lima, honteveros, morales, robredo at sereno! ang kalaban mo duwag at wala bayag na duterte ay china na kinukuha ang mga isla ng pinas! yon ang pagmumurahin mo, doon mo ilabas yang tapang mo at wag dyan sa mga babae! kong di mo kaya china magpakapon ka muna, ng magkabatuta ka! lintik ka, nauubos na mga isla ng pinas eh yan pang mga babae ang inuuna mong kalabanin! sama mo yong mga sinasabi mong mga matatapang na tao mo, puntahan mo yong mga isla na kinuha ng china at ipagtanggol mo!! pakita mo na may bayag ka!!! hoy gising!!!!


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  7. What a blessing…an eye opener. God bless the orphans left and have availed these great messages after the servant of God joined the Lord 🙏🙏🙏


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