Coronavirus – Praying for Healing

Can God heal coronavirus? We believe so. Join us in this time of prayer & comment below with your prayer requests. We’re standing in agreement for breakthrough in your life.

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  1. I need prayer for the after effects of co vid and been dealing with vertigo for weeks since I first got it n been negative for a month n nothing works n pray this leaves my body in JESUS NAME AMEN 🙏

  2. I need I pray for me and my daughters first it's we got tested positive with coronavirus my daughter has seizures and epilepsy and she also has a cerebral palsy she has a disability since she was a baby I want her help to be restored in full also if you can help or pray for anything that protection from any kind of witch craft black magic curse that may be done on me and my family it has a big part on my life because I'm I've been trying for 18 years to get out of a abusive situation from my kid's father his whole family has been cast curse on my I want God to protect me from all of that I cry every night because my body is in continuous pain I also have parasites in my body that I want gone no doctor has been able to find anything wrong which I know in my heart want to be healthy again I'm begging for God's protection for me and my daughters my name is Jasmin minesaki my daughter who has the disability her name is Maya Sanchez and my daughter Kayla minesaki an for my minesaki family like my mom and sister and brother need protection from Johnny and his family I had no choice he made be put his last name on my daughter Maya I also need God to protect her money and to get justice for those who took advantage and stole money from me and her it was my settlement but things happen to were I had no choice but to sign over everything to the father of my kids I was black mailed but they have gotten away with things over the years I also feel that he's been doing things to make sure I stay sick help

  3. Yes, Amen I Prayer For People Still Dealing with Covid 19 Please Do a Miracle and We Ask that you Heal Eric Adams and Anyone Else that has this Disease Be with them in Jesus Mighty name Amen Amen Amen.Please Help them Lord.😅🔥🔥🔥🤗🤗😇😇🙏🙏🙏

  4. Can please pray for me ive tested postive for covid19 all im doing us sleeping my throat red i cant swollow or eat please pray for me

  5. God has estimated to kill 100 million people out of virus. All those are sinners who died. Were there Christians too? Sorry, if there were it was god's fault to misidentify the non-sinners. You can sue the god for that.

  6. Lord please Heal my brother Robert and his wife Melissa who are having a hard time 😮‍💨 breathing due to the COVID. Please heal my daughter Priscilla her 7 month old son Noah and her daughter Heaven from the COVID as well.I can’t do it alone God I need you. I leave my family in your hands you take over. In you I trust. Thank you god for a beautiful gift you have given me to PRAY. Let your will be done AMEN 🙏 JESUS.

  7. Praying for the Healing Grace of Jesus to flow upon my elderly mom & brothers to bring healing upon them from this virus, and all people suffering Dear God, I Praise your Holy name! Amen

  8. Please please and please pray seriously for me to get Immediate HDFC Bank debt cancellation, to get back the job that I had lost in 2006, a new house and financial breakthrough in Jesus Mighty Name so that peace and tranquility returns in my life .

  9. Please Pray for my Brother Stacy healing from Covid -19, he is in Red Deer Alberta. He is on a tracheotomy. We are praying for a softening of his lungs and breathing to sync up and begin to heal and breathe. He is in ICU and is a father of 3 teens. He has a family of brothers, sisters and parents waiting to care for him and heal him with God your protection. Please pray for Stacy. He goes by Stac!

  10. Please pray for the healing of My 82 yrs old Papa Optato and Brother Jerry in the Phillipines they got corona virus please lord touch each one of them and Heal them🙌 and please protect the rest of My Family specially my Mama Eliza ,please shield my Mama from this virus, praying also for the healing for all who suffered from this global pandemic to be free 🙏 in Jesus Mighty Name Amen!!🙏🙌


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