Conscience | Billy Graham Classic

Everyone has a conscience, but not everyone has the Holy Spirit. Billy Graham explains the difference in this 1978 message from Memphis, Tennessee. Watch more #MondayNightClassics every Monday at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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  1. Until I started watching Billy only a couple of years ago I hadn't realized I had been hearing, not listening. Billy taught me that Christ was here and as much as I thought I was, I wasn't. I have truly been taken from death to life and now have peace and joy as I have never known before. I watch the 'Classics' every day and learn more every time I watch the ones I have before! Thank you for Billy, my Lord. God bless you all.

  2. Jesus is Gift of the World. Thank you God Jesus Christ Dr.Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
    For this Beautiful Message, Such a beautiful Message Thank you God for Sending it to me and all the others who have Lissing It Whoever reading this Message God knows what you are facing through he heard your Cry, He is going to deliver you just in him. Amen Hallelujah Glory to Jesus
    I Love you this wounderful Message, I have been on my knees praying this so many times for Everyone Born of God over comes the World. This is the Victory that as over come the World. Even our Faith. If you believe, you will Receive whatever you ask for in prayers AMEN. 🎉

  3. I discovered the preaching of Evangelist Billy Graham 2months ago at YouTube when the lockdown of covid-19 started…. It's amazing and I couldn't believe how strong preacher he is… he always made me cry … Thanks God I found him and listen everyday or night…

  4. Billy Graham is a Satanist pull up shuler and Billy Graham Billy Graham said there's many ways he turned into a Judas and a Satanist do not listen to this guy or his family

  5. Wow!! God has spoken to me yet again and this time through this video popping up on my recommend earlier today I kept asking God for a sign again and again if I should preach in a certain spot I felt yes and no and yes and no I couldn't tell but now I know conscious is hardened and I need jesus to rehabilitatate it 🙌

  6. AGAPE…. God's Love…. I love you, Jesus Christ… I am a sinner and always will be a sinner…. But Lord, i will do my best to change my ways to be like you…. I surrender myself to you, keep convicting me for my sins, bless me with the conscience that come from you so that i will keep repent from my sins and be like you. Thank you God for Jesus Christ. Amen.

  7. Listening in wonder … pity the ones who remains in the false conscience , saving grace , salvation of false consciousness and normalcy … a false encounter with the Omnipotent Divinity of Almighty Christ . They are within our own fellowships and folds . They 📜 declare they are not Anti Christ .

  8. Americans were so blessed and fortunate to have a great man of God in the 20th century. Its so hard to equate any one from Billy Graham in this age. Lot of regards from India.

  9. 🙏 Hello my dear friends I have videos for you on bible prophecy and the end times. Please go to Papa Joe Fortner or shockwaves of the end times or The watchmen series with papa joe. Thank you and God bless you all 🙏

  10. You are cordially invited to the Wedding And the Great Feast of the Lord Jesus Christ and His bride the Church, to take Place in the Kingdom Of Heaven, really Really soon.
    No Gift required, He was the Gift for you THANK YOU LORD JESUS CHRIST FOR ALL YOUR GREAT BLESSINGS .


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