Conscience | Billy Graham Classic

Are you ignoring your conscience? Billy Graham explains the danger in repeatedly resisting the Holy Spirit in this 1978 message from Memphis, Tennessee. Watch more #MondayNightClassics​ every Monday at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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  1. I used to find Graham's voice annoying. I realize now that I was subconsciously convicted of not putting my faith in Christ alone. Thank God for His finished work, and for this speaker of the greatest message the world has ever known.

  2. I needed this .thank you GOD. I surrender, this wonderful messenger once again, has put me on my knees. Billy Graham and his approach. He is so strong with his delivering of God's word.yes.I'm GOD FEARED… YES…..

  3. Yes dear God please always convicted me when I send I always let my conscious guide me cuz I know it's a holy spirit thank you God thank you Jesus I love you so much

  4. Billy Graham is the great preacher that has many a sinner, to be saved from the devil, as they were brought back to Christ! Thank God that we have persons of faith that have saved millions!

  5. To God be the Glory !!!! Dr Billy Graham..How much Passionate Dr Billy Graham to Christ Jesus…, the last half Billy Graham how patiently he waits for the people to come forward.. He knew the value of each soul for the Christ..!!

  6. My friend Jimmy Lee Jackson Sr. of Ripley TN (Church) is a sad and pitiful soul😔 he is without a conscience. He's 79 years old and I don't want to see him leave this world and wind up in hell for being a BAD BAD HUMAN BEING 😔 I'm praying for he and I (KSY) both 🙏 His mind is in really poor condition, he's hurting people for fun 😞


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