Catastrophic flooding in South Africa kills nearly 450 l WNT

The South African National Defense Force deployed 10,000 troops to lead the massive recovery effort in the area surrounding the city of Durban. Some 40,000 people are reportedly homeless.


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  3. It has been a crazy time in Durban RSA, I work in a junior school and two siblings died when their house collapsed along with their grandmother, whilst dad is in a coma in hospital. Their sister was at their mum's home and she has survived. We were out of electricity for about 4 days and 8 days without water, thank goodness for foresight on bottling water before the rains and also having a swimming pool. This was worse than the 1987 flooding. This flood has changed the topia of this city and the surrounding areas. Roads no longer exist, half the hill is missing and a valley where a hill used to be.

  4. how come this leftist anchor hasn't flown to cape town yet? I bet he would like to go there and show (pretend) that he cares about South Africans and talk to few of them with deeply sad looking face.


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