Carry Me (Lyrics) – Nathaniel Bassey by SingingMichaelChannel

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  1. These song ministered to me each time I listened to 😭😭😭🙌shalom….it takes me to the book of John were Jesus was leaving and He said to his disciples that he will send a holy spirit 🙌 thanks to God

  2. I didn't know you sir ……..I only knew about you recently when I listened to your song "miracle worker featuring grace …..Then you tube suggested this one ……and I've been hunting down your songs since. Yet this one is my favorite so far. It forces you to pray. It awakens a desire to praise and break strongholds. You have done a great job. May he indeed carry you on his mighty wings. Tend to you as a shepherd to his sheep . I've listened to the old hallelujahs in a new song and a powerful voice

  3. I lost my son and my mother. This song has been my lullaby. Thank you Man of God – Nathaniel Bassey. May God continue to use you to heal others🙌🙌


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