Carmelo LIGHTS IT UP In Home W! 👌

Carmelo Anthony posted a season-high 29 PTS (17 PTS, 5-5 3PM in the 4th quarter) as the Portland Trail Blazers knocked down a franchise record 24 threes in their home victory vs CHA!

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  1. I see nobody even mention the 5 steals smh crazy how underrated his D has been this year low key dude been getting steals blocks consistently it’s not a fluke he does it night in night out he’s faster he’s in shape and it’s showing the scoring I’ve never been worried ever in my life all my homies used to hate say he’s out the league he can’t ball I knew the truth every team he played he had big scoring games rockets he had multiple 20 plus games Portland he has lots of em and okc.

  2. Every team coach saying how the fuck we let him go 1 year without playing smh dam we fucked up plus….the offense is not surrounded by him he just a play maker in still thunder


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