Canvas Cathedral: Billy Graham's Crisis of Faith | Billy Graham TV Special

Watch as Will Graham investigates Billy Graham’s crisis of faith just before the historic 1949 Greater Los Angeles Crusade. Plus, see behind the scenes footage from “Unbroken: Path to Redemption,” the film Will portrays his grandfather in.


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  1. Sometimes, when God calls you for a great mission for His glory, He will allow you to go through what most people calls a "decision" point in time. Just as what He did to Moses, He appeared in the burning bush, same thing with Abraham, when God made a promise to him, to every prophet He called, He allowed them to go through those moments, and I believe the late Rev Billy Graham was in that same spot. God did the same to Jacob, He wrestled with him.

    Moses flopped the first time he approached Pharaoh, yet he kept on being persistent by God's Spirit leading him to free their people, so it is with every person. Imagine Moses growing up having everything he wanted in Egypt, wealth, education, even leadership, but then God stripped him later in the next 40 years of his life and eventually making him loose every bit of confidence and strength. And when Moses was finally weak inside and out, God revealed Himself.

    I'm sure Billy wrestled with that as well. In the end, look at what he accomplished, by Billy's faith in God, he brought thousands of people to Christ in ALL continents of the world. I think he's the only 20th century evangelist who was able to preach to Soviet and in North Korea to every COMMUNIST nation. BAR NONE! Nobody else could ever do that. I bet you not a single preacher today, not even John MacArthur, Charles Stanley, David Jeremiah, and ALL these new generation preacher, could ever DO what Billy Graham did to the whole WORLD. UNITING Christianity as a WHOLE.

    When you give EVERYTHING you have to God. He will help you MOVE mountains! And that's exactly what God did to Rev. Billy Graham.

  2. We need more people like Billy Graham more than ever for this nation. We need to turn back and go to our knees seeking God. Especially parents and roll-models for the youth and the lost.

  3. I get chills every time I hear Billy preach, and when I see the lives transformed by those who gave themselves to the Lord. Our Father sure is amazing huh?! ☺️❤️🙏✝️❤️

  4. Thank God for using Dr. Billy Graham so powerfully to preach the message of Jesus Christ to millions across the world. To see his son and grandson still continue to preach the same message shows the power of the Holy Spirit and what God can do with the word. Every generation must know that Jesus loves them and died on the cross for their sins. God bless his ministry. I am richly blessed.

  5. I found Billy Graham online, after his ministry slowed down. His powerful presence and the moving of the spirit was so evident that I just love watching him preach. I pray that the Graham kids and grandkids will continue where he left off! What a blessing and a gift they all have been to the sinners of the world who have come to trust in Christ! God Bless you all!!

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  7. I'm coming out of my own crisis of faith I have schizoaffective bipolar disorder that I was never healed .I scored 200 on a iq test I can't understand how and why I was never healed I went into crisis .Christ is victor without The Christ I don't wan t to live just the thought of Him warms my heart.

  8. But the funny thing about this I had Louis Z DVD testimony in my Billy Graham dvd collection before they even made his book a movie when I saw the movie I said wait a minute I know this guy was sad to see they didn't focus on his faith in the 1st movie so glad to see they're focusing on his faith in the 2nd movie…..Louie Z was an incredible man…..went back to that country later in life and the sadistic guard would not go out to shake his hand….

  9. I Truly love the Graham family since being a kid watching him on tv with my mom in the 70's,80's and 90's had a chance to go to a conference in Cleveland in the 90's this man legacy will truly live on…..God bless BGEA


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