Canciones cristianas en inglés, subtituladas en inglés – WORSHIP AND PRAISE SONGS

Canciones cristianas en inglés, subtituladas en inglés – WORSHIP AND PRAISE SONGS


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  1. To the one who's reading this, I hope you are doing alright, I hope that all the pain you are facing right now will turn into a great achievement. Always remember that God is always with us. He will bless, guide, and protect us. 💗

  2. Namaste Om Shanti Shanti Shanti peace be withtin You, may GOD bless You, I don't judge You just go and sin no more, You must to follow JESUS CHRIST cause he is the light of this fallen world, if You worship at the lord JESUS CHRIST he will strenghten You and then You can achieve everything cause for GOD nothing is impossible, if You looking JESUS no weapon formed against You shall prosper, seek first the kingdom of GOD and then all other things he will provides you, You shall know the truth and the truth shall make You free, my lord JESUS CHRIST is the way the truth and the eternal life,My lord JESUS CHRIST and me loves you, GOD is love then all You need is love,prayer is the key that open the heart of GOD, don't forget to pray every day and a blessed night an ángel of the lord JESUS CHRIST will whisper in your ear "Arise, shine for your light is come and the Glory of GOD was born upon You…Thanks to my lord JESUS CHRIST I'm Evangelist Edward the blessed and thankful prince warrior of GOD,Allelujah.Que DIOS te bendiga a ti que lees (bendiciones para ti, desde Tabasco México)

  3. Last year, I was lost. I have no parents, no work. Lock down
    due pandemic. I was thinking of killing my self. But I cling on to Jesus.
    This year. I got a job. I passed the bar exam. I was promoted as corporate lawyer. I have a small business. Next month, I will open my small law office.

  4. King of glory… I bow 🙇🏽‍♀️ before you lord….thank you for your grace and mercy… thank you dear father for loving me unconditionally I love you ABBA FATHER 🙇🏽‍♀️🙌🏾🙏🏽

  5. Dear God! Please, Dear God, my mother will buy glasses tomorrow! She has been using the same glasses for three years, and as it doesnt fit her face properly, it caused scar beside her nose! My mother deserves the best! The best of best! Please give her a very comfortable, beautiful, and glasses that fit her face the best! Please, be with her, be with my sis, and be with me tomorrow. God, as well as this, there s a scar coming out in my finger!!! Please heal it! It scares me! It can cause worse illnesses. Heal it ok?

  6. Songs like this fill my soul with joy. I lost my leg in a war at a very young age. I had no means of getting income, my wife left me cause I wasn’t able to met up with her needs anymore, things were going bad for me until I met a man of God named Cory Joseph Paul skype and Facebook. I had conversations with him and after that we being Busi mess like christ like in which I invested one thousand dollars with him . This man was God sent and I will not be where I am if God didn’t send him to me. My story changed from grass to grace, he introduced me to a bitcoin business 3 years ago. Now I own my own small charity where I help christians who are in need of financial help. I see myself doing Gods work and what he wants us to do. i am here to motivate and make you understand that with God nothing is impossible.

  7. The songs on this album have faithfully accompanied me almost every day for 2 years of Working From Home due to Covid-19 Pandemic. It's really a blessing for me personally. Males me feel calm and at peace when things are uncertain. God bless us 🙏

  8. I get goose bumps all over my body and tears come to my eyes every time I hear this song… and please pray for me…. I want to strengthen my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ

  9. Hallelujah I will say he is Miracle we all are blessed to know Him God bless you all and God bless does lost children we are praying for them Amen ✝️🥇✝️🙏🥇🙏🥇👏💝❤️😍🥰

  10. Hola a todos…✋

    Que lindo es creer en Dios el te protege sí crees en Dios regálame un dedito arriba👍 no te obligo ay solo puedo ver que creemos en Dios no te cuesta darle un dedo arriba👍 menos te cuesta alabar a Dios porque para alabar a Dios no cuesta nada!!!


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