Calming Prayer, Healing Fear, Worries, O Blood and Water that gushed forth from the heart of Jesus

When times are tough and our world in turmoil – Never forget: with God’s help, we can exit and escape from the most desolate, sad, and despairing of situations. May the Precious Blood of Jesus and His Holy Spirit be your light, support, strength, and foundation.

Jesus told Saint Faustina to paint on the Divine Mercy image: “Jesus, I trust in you.” The Blood and Water that flowed from the open side of Jesus has the power to Set us Free. To liberate Us. To shatter the bonds that is enslaving us to that dark alley of fear and doubt. In this prayer, we repeatedly invoke this Precious Blood And Water to flow into our bondages and set us free from the spirit of fear..

Actively engage in this prayer as much possible, at other times keep it running in the background as for all other CDP prayers.. May the Spirit of God permeate and fill the atmosphere around you.. God bless You!


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