CALM Bible Sleep Meditation | God's Protection and Blessings – Peaceful Prayer and Scripture

Be blessed as you meditate on God’s word.

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  1. I just want to say thank you Grace for Purpose Channel, this is what I needed. Calming beautiful backround music and soft calming voice, great for before falling asleep, it's like a lullaby, comforted and consoled by the endless love of the LORD. I would love it, if you do more of these 💛🧡
    May all of your desires, your requests, deepest wishes, important needs be given to you by the LORD. May we be able to believe in miracles and not believe like the world does. Let us believe so much that the big mountain in our lives will be removed. Let's believe that everything is possible through the LORD, but we also have to do our part, whis is fighting. We have to fight and do all the things that we can, and the LORD will do the rest, if we ask HIM and believe.
    Even in bad times I'd still want to be with you LORD.
    In Jesus name I pray Amen.

  2. I love god. But I have a couple questions, God is with us and is everywhere all the time. Also God created the heavens and the Earth. But when we pray the Lord's prayer, we say our Father who art in heaven. Seems weird we put him in heaven and not with us. And if he created heaven and earth, he must live outside of it. I pray for the love of understanding.

  3. I would simply like to thank the creator for this. You will never know how much you have helped me to settle down and pray, then sleep. I woke up a changed person. Thank God for Jesus and you.

  4. I have a family member that is going thru so many hard hard times. This life has literally crushed him.
    I really pray that God reaches him and calms him giving peace to his life.
    I’m his mother and I need Gods peace right now.


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