Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War – Available Now

Time to unravel the conspiracy.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available now on all platforms.

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  1. Great game but i have been wrongly banned & cannot find any activision direct chat service that works to sort this, here's what happened, I was playing Cold War yesterday, I minimised screen to download an unrelated item i had purchased & just received (Synthesizer Drums), I plugged in my Akai MPK mini piano keyboard & completed the download & closed the screen, & there on my Cold War account it said Banned, I can only assume I had triggered something with my download or plugging in my piano keyboard? I went straight to Warzone & that is still ok but going round in circles pulling my hair out trying to sort this out, anyone can help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, P39

  2. These demonic scumbags have the patents and are setting algorithms that alter your parameters in real time. Hit boxes, bullet damage, speed etc etc… I know you have felt it. They are picking and choosing winners and losers. This is pure evil. Expose the fraud. Look into it if you’re skeptical

  3. Cold War is garbage. You guys are an utterly disappointment. Fix warzone (SBMM, cheaters, weapon balance) and give your customers what they deserve. Not spending money on this until you take us serious, this is disgraceful


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