Building Backwards: You Need A New Guide | Steven Furtick

You’re built different.

This message is a reminder that God’s kingdom doesn’t conform to the world’s pattern — and neither should you.

This is an excerpt from “Built Different.” To watch the full message from @Elevation Church, click here:

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0:00 – Your Life Doesn’t Have To Look Like Theirs
1:43 – Building What God Showed You
4:29 – Don’t Reject Yourself
6:26 – When Your Faith Runs Out
8:17 – You Are Built Different
10:35 – God, Give Me A New Blueprint

Scripture References:
Exodus 25, verse 40

Building Backwards: You Need A New Guide | Steven Furtick


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  1. Why do you think God changed , when he said. In the Bible he never changes the mountain of law or the mountain of grace. God himself never change why then did he change ?? Was God plan always to give us the stories of the Old Testament ,then show us the New Testament . Changes can be and are sometimes very good!!! We change and we are made in his image!!!

  2. I'm proud to be chosen by God … Living for God is a lifestyle everyday to walk in love as he did…. I will not hide my light under a bush or dim it to fit into anything of this world he is the way the truth…. I love my God …. And he is worthy of honor🙏❤💙


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