Breathe – Hillsong Worship (Lyrics)

Breathe – Hillsong Worship (Lyrics)
Song: Breathe – Hillsong Worship
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00:00 Breathe – Hillsong Worship
00:19 This is the air I breathe
00:24 This is the air I breathe
00:32 Your holy presence
00:38 Living in me
00:45 This is my daily bread
00:53 This is my daily bread
00:59 Your very word
01:07 Spoken to me
01:13 This is the air I breathe
01:25 And I… I’m lost without you
01:40 This is air I breathe
01:51 This is air I breathe
01:57 Your holy presence
02:04 Living in me
02:10 This is my daily bread
02:18 This is my daily bread
02:25 Your very word
02:32 Spoken to me
02:38 And I… I’m desparate for you
02:52 And I… I’m lost without
03:00 You (eh hey, yeah)
03:06 And I… I’m desparate for you
03:21 And I… I’m lost without you
03:33 I’m lost without you
03:43 This is the air I breathe
03:50 Your holy presence
03:56 Living in me
04:03 This is my daily bread
04:11 This is my daily bread
04:18 Your very word
04:25 Spoken to me
04:31 And I… I’m desparate for you
04:44 And I… I’m lost without you
05:01 I’m lost without you
05:44 You are holy
05:48 Good, righteous, faithful
05:53 Loyal, giving, loving
05:59 Delivering
06:00 You are holy
06:02 Righteous, worthy, worthy
06:07 You are holy
06:09 Worthy, friends of sinners
06:13 Friend to me
06:15 You are savior
06:16 You are healer
06:18 You are good God
06:20 You are father
06:27 Yes You are
06:28 You are worthy
06:30 You are holy
06:32 You are worthy
06:34 You are Lord good
06:35 You are worthy
06:37 You are
06:39 Yes You are
06:41 So I give my praise
06:44 Everything within me
06:45 Bless you, Lord
06:46 Holy my father
06:49 Glory to You
07:25 And I… I’m desparate for you
07:37 And I… I’m lost without you
07:54 I’m lost without you
08:08 And I… I’m lost without you

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Daily worship is my way of keeping my soul pure. Every day, I can listen to the same songs over and over again and pray. Old songs contain a lot of thoughts in me.
Updating them here, I would like to know your testimonies and continue to pray with me. Subscribe to accompany me, and let God lead our way.

“Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who acquires understanding, 14for she is more profitable than silver, and her gain is better than fine gold…” Psalm 3:10

God bless us!


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Comment (0)

  1. Thank you lord, for all the blessings that you give to us everyday 😇

    I love the song! You never fail to disappoint me. I really hope that I can see you on tour this summer at the Hollywood cemetery. I live a few minutes away from th

  2. August 7, 2022

    I know to myself that I've been lacking at giving all my focus and time to the Lord. I've been busy to some things that is nothing for God. I pray for him that I'll be able to overcome my struggles, not by own but by His power, strength and guidance. I really want to exalt God but I am always been distracted by the enemy. HELP ME God. I'm lost without you. I'll never be able to exalt you on my own, may your Holy Spirit lead me God. Help me to gave you all the attention that you're worthy of. In Jesus name!

  3. July 31, 2021
    I'm grateful to be here.
    I'm grateful for this message, Lord.
    As I have been to busy thinking of my dreams and life, sometimes I forget to live.
    I will breathe now. I will breathe.

  4. July 29th 2022
    I’ve been struggling so much with many things I’ve been committing sins way too much breaking them all and not caring but I stood my ground today and I’m going to start to pick up the cross daily no matter what ppl think God will be my main priority please Lord heal those who are in pain Amen 🙏 ❤️

  5. Kakamyday ko lang po. Tinatanong kita lord kung anong pbang plano mo. Kasi di ko na tlaga alam gagawin ko e. Pagopen ko ng yt nasa home ko to out of nowhere. Thank you lord I know you have your ways di ko alam plano mo lord kung bat ko to pinagdadaanan ngayon pero magtitiwala ako sayo.


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