BREAKING: Mysterious DIVINE Being APPEARS At Prophet TB Joshua’s Burial Service

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Mysterious Being Caught At Prophet TB Joshua’s Burial

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  1. Blessed afternoon Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ I will be going on Prayer & fasting on Tuesday 14th June 2022, for Ruling & Decision & Judgement be handed down by Justice Dowa Pastor & Man Of God, On Tuesday 21st June 2022, at National Court Room (2) it's the Judgement for my old Writ Of Summons 1398/2016, it ended on am arguing cause Chemcare Company Defandants engaged 2 lawfirms Mr Nigel Merrick from Warner Shand Lawyers & Jonah Langah from Allbraids Lawyers both went at the back of me & Taxation Officer without our consent & knowledge got Certificate I don't have any money told to pay K19,000.00 plus, Pray against this Chemcare & there 2 Lawfirms, I will neva pay anything in Jesus Mighty Name, for the Substantive Ws No:1188/18, fns trials & Submissions reserve for Ruling I had no money & through God's Grace & Mercy & Providence came & Finished God was at no time Defeated by Enemies & Jesus will be Victorious on both Court cases.🙏🏻🙏🏻👊👊✌✌💪💪🖐👍

  2. I wished my favorite prophet resurrect but it was the call from above what we all can't avoid one day,RIP my mentor even though I don't met u physically I always watch him in utube and from there I always blessed by his appearance in my phone screen.m an Indian l love Nigeria and I love scoan and its members,I wish u all to continue in faith strongly even tho..he is not present physically I belief he will be always watching his church sitting with Jesus in heaven.Amen.

  3. My heart melts away from listening to his genuine powerful words of wisdom from heart, from foretell his departure for going to be with the Lord, in a parables, Jesus is working in him and through him ,Powerful precious man of God in Heaven resting on God's bosom ,missing you so much ,Thank you Lord for his legacy as his teaching of love is alive and well and Continue to bless his ministry for your Glory AMEN!!

  4. saw him in my dream, he makes heaven , Sir the Angel surrounded him he .He has make-up with God b4 he died. I never been to his church I don't watch his program either however I saw him in my in my dream.

  5. I advise the church to prepare their selves for greater miracle, because when Jesus left His disciples He return to them the Holy ghost that they did greater work than him,Prophet has gone to let God s spirit return mighty to the church let them be prepared for greater miracle is here


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