Break Me – Dangerous Prayers

In Week 2 of Dangerous Prayers, Pastor Craig Groeschel helps us understand how to pray, “Break me,” and, through our brokenness, find our fulfillment in God.

Prayer moves the heart of God, but some prayers move Him more than others do. Bold prayers, daring prayers—the kind of prayers that move you, too. If you’re ready to see God work in your life, praying safe won’t cut it. It’s time to pray Dangerous Prayers.

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  1. But I have all life sepend with Jesus Christ I have No Need for other Man beacuse my daughter I have don't Left my Eastern people not good woman she Left 1' Year 6 month baby girl leave it but I have all life sepend so struggle Job and child my best sports only my brother and your family I have not live alone my brother house 🏠 but my country nothing torch er me I going to church no anyone but your UK and USA only for problem about my life who many sleep Man I have so crying 😭 for Jesus Christ my life not important you give me a heavenly places but I have informed about you I have so Emotional Harrsment your people listen I have not going to Job morning and evening time prayers Gód saved me and helped me and my life Saviour always proector stand with me Amen Hallelujah 🙏🙏

  2. I would like you to be free from worry, An in married Man concern's him self with the Lord work, but the married Man concern's himself with wordly matters beacuse he wants to please his wife, 1 Corinthians chapter no 7 verse 33-34

  3. I took this challenge and prayed “God, Break Me!” And he sure did! He broke me completely, and when I thought He was done, He said ‘oops, forgot a piece’, and broke me more lol
    I can testify that God is listening and He does answer your prayers!
    Next to giving my life to the Lord, this was the greatest thing I’ve ever done 💜

  4. Hi
    This was an amazing message.
    I also had tinnitus for a long time.
    I was told that I had lost my way and god was calling me back but I was not listening.
    One day I just started to say the Lord’s Prayer over and over until the noise settled down.
    I don’t know I was lost but now I’m found. 🙏

  5. "Those whom God uses the greatest are the often ones God breaks the deepest because God never wastes a hurt" God almighty, I felt that! 🙏🙌🙌🙌 thank you for this message series!

  6. I always pray for Him to break me it's so funny I just asked God to do this last night again. I'm the clay in the hands of the Potter.


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