Bishop TD Jakes tells the TRUTH to Women in Viral Clip and now They want ALL THE SMOKE!

Bishop TD Jakes tells the TRUTH to Women in Viral Clip and now They want ALL THE SMOKE!

Full sermon here:


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  1. Black women would have no need to be all those aggressive self sustaining things in this white MAN Rule society if our men Led as Men.
    "Feminine" black woman weren't leading in selling mind and family destroying drugs in our "hoods," for generations imported IN and supplied TO black men dealers by their "White Daddy's"
    " Feminine" black woman weren't the examples to young black boys in how to bend over and "Cheese" for White Daddy to work for HIS businesses instead of Leading and building as a MAN for the next generation of black boys and girls
    "Feminine" black woman, didn't force their black MEN to Kneel/Bow down to an image a blond hair blue eyed MAN in front of their women and children for generations and cry n beg to it like a btch.

  2. these woman can hate
    but truth is you don't need
    a man but you want a man then you need to understand
    if you have no place for us
    then we are not there
    we will go where we are needed and appreciated
    so when you hit that 30
    wall and Chad and Tyrone
    won't give you the time of
    you'll be like why can't I find a good man
    we be like remember when you said……..

  3. Being raised without a father is very detrimental to women. It teaches them to assume an aura of masculinity. Dangerous for children to learn this modeling of masculinity from mothers

  4. My wife and I were returning from a celebration yesterday listening to the podcast focused on this sermon where Jakes mentions Black women exceed black men, and he is 100% correct. However, I don't think that was not the main point of the message. I believe it was a challenge to men, especially black men. If you don't like that she is exceeding you, get off your ( your choice of word(s)) and equip yourself accordingly to be the leader you desire to be. In Jesus's Name. Amen

  5. Shut-Up with these Stupid comments!!! Bishop is Absolutely Right!!!! I am a woman and he is Absolutely Right these women these days don’t allow a man to be a man and that’s why you CAN’T a HUSBAND NOW!!!! Learn to LISTEN AND COME UNDER AUTHORITY IN JESUS NAME!!

  6. This is the truth and a lot of females can't take it I'm a female from another time I see these witch's speaking down to men and disrespecting others this world is out of control


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