Billy: The Early Years of Billy Graham | Full Biographical Drama Movie | Armie Hammer | Cinedigm

The early life of American Evangelist Billy Graham. 2008 | Stars: Armie Hammer, Lindsay Wagner, Martin Landau | Director: …


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  1. This movie made me cry BECOA there are few pastors that will preach without getting paid instead most pastors want fame money and credit when all billy wanted was to please god the most high god an that's what king David was a man of gods own heart i just love this movie it really brought tears to my eyes my heart jump just looking an hearing billy graham story wow i pray right then an there i was speaking an crying to god the most high god and i know that god will resolve my situation an help me an heal me and my family in Jesus name

  2. Beautiful as always. I am wondering what happened to Alan Jackson's song "Look At Me?" In my DVD, it was the song played during the courtship. I'll Fly Away is nice also. I haven't finished watching, so maybe it is on another place.

  3. {Please read entire post} There was no real reason for Charles to turn his back on God. And actually, yes, it is trust and faith that keeps us connected to Jesus!!! Charles lost faith. I am sure he returned but lost ground. Many practical answers do emerge to help us believe: They can surface through revelations of scriptures; and through science. For example: marine fossils were found at the top of mountain peaks which would confirm the account of the Flood! But Charles would not have known this. God actually wants to help us believe. Jesus said that if we don't believe him, believe by the works that he does! In 1976 I was in my bedroom and my little TV was on. I knew of Billy but rarely saw him, and never at a crusade. I was saved at age 8, in 1968, but did not know it. Yes, this happens. There were no VBS back then, no Sunday Schools. The Holy Spirit took me to the cross. I always felt I did not fit in even though I had the typical worldly teenage life. I was different. Well, that day in 1976 I watched his program. I felt holy and heard the word "Holy" but I did not know what it meant. Please read this entire post for it has a wonderful ending! At the end of the service Billy gave the invitation to come up to the altar and receive. "Receive what? Is he handing out pamphlets? I don't see anything." I strained to see what he was passing out. I only viewed the last 10 minutes of the sermon. 3 years later and for the following 5 years supernatural things began to happen. Visitations from heaven and revelations. But I still did not understand. Finally, in 1984, I got the road to Damascus experience. While in my living room a white bright blinding light shot through the room and through me. I COULD SEE!! lol And I truly thought Billy was the only Preacher on the planet doing God's work. Poor Billy, I thought. I had been so in the dark I had no idea how many Christians existed…And I was one of them. lol.. Ok fast forward……While that day in 1976 was not the sole way God spoke to me, He did so through many others and other experiences. Two more times in my life God used Billy Graham. In 2000 I was doing a 21 day Daniel Fast. I was interceding for some serious situations. At the end while eyes closed, a vision of BILLY appears! I had not been thinking of him. I saw him at the very end of a sermon. He stepped back, away from the pulpit and rested his hand upon his temple. The Holy Spirit told me, "This gesture of Billy's was how he ended and it meant his job is done and now let the Holy Spirit take over." I then knew my prayer time had ended. Last testimony. On Feb. 19, 2018 TWO days before Billy died [Billy died on Feb. 21, 2018] I had a dream. Having never thought of Billy again since 2000, and not knowing he was very ill, God gave me this dream. I even went to work next morning asking my co-workers if Billy died?? So I have witnesses. The dream: Suddenly, I am seeing a vision as if watching a movie. I am outside and it is a bit dim. I see Billy in a suit walking around to his casket. I see a casket in the ground and I realize I am in a cemetery. Billy, who is all alone, goes into his own casket, lies down, then immediately gets up, walks out and leaves. I am sure God chose millions of people to tell them of Billy. I do not know why God chose me. In conclusion, this movie tells of the hard work and labor for God that men like Billy do and contradicts the modern day MEGA preachers who want to go to the top by having their IT guys keeping them at the top of Google, maintaining their strobe and fluorescent lights, free coffee and cell phone charging stations, and a watered down message of the cross. Souls are won to a different message and will be part of the great falling away. Thank you for reading. Chaplain Rosamond Scoma

  4. Woah! Well? This is awkward! I uh? I wouldn't blame the channel owner if they secretly wanted to delete this movie entirely between now and September 2. This movie probably ain't gonna age very well with the main star of it…especially after September 2nd on Discovery Plus. Yikes! God's grace is merciful…but uh? Woah! Awkward!

  5. Just loved it…I felt like being touched by the holy spirit..God bless everyone 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 ..Love from India to Evey soul of this universe….Praise the lord….✝️✝️✝️✝️

  6. Acts 2:38
    King James Version
    38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

  7. Billy Graham was unique as far as having so much fame and power and temptation, yet no one ever came out and accused him of any sort of sexual sin. Even after his death,….silence.

  8. Praise God. Mens own knowledge is folly. I am so glad it is by faith we live. That Charles part really made me tear up man. God bless all of you who are in doubt for I suffered in that way but his peace and love transcends every feeling we have. Keep trusting in God, as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Moses, and our savior Jesus Christ did. The perfecter of our faith, our Lord and promise keeper. Hallelujah!

  9. I've never seen this movie before. Billy Graham was an amazing preacher. He was a faithful servant of God. Could you just picture that day he went to Heaven? I can see and hear God telling him…. good job my son. You were a good and faithful servant and hugging Billy in his loving arms. That makes me smile with tears in my eyes. Billy Graham brought a lot of souls down in front of his pulpit to be saved by Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. I'll always believe that and that he was resurrected three days later. Hallelujah….!! Praise God for all of his blessings. 🙌🙏

  10. Great movie about a man abandoned to the One who calls. Billy Graham was the one through whom God spoke to my heart over 50 years ago. Thank God that His voice still speaks today; through this medium of communication. God be praised!

  11. 🥀🤍🥀Sinner's Need to take That Walk To Jesus🥀🤍🥀
    Lord Jesus I confess I'am a sinner, I believe you die on the cross for my sins, Was buried, and on the third day rose again, I repent of my sins, Please forgive me for my sins, I accept you as my Lord and Savior, I hear your footsteps coming I hear you knocking on my Heart's Door, Please come in and be Lord of my Life, Amen.

  12. I loved the movie..most inspiring..
    God's truth of the Greatest love this world has ever known is waiting for the world to see JesusChrist died to set us free.
    I too can get carried away in the Spirit of Amighty God.
    Thank you Ruth Graham..
    Love and Prayers to your beautiful family who brought JesusChrist to so many lives. We miss your Father Billy Graham.. Thank you for sharing God's Heart of truth..leading to Eternal life ❤ me and our Faithful Loving soon to come Bridegroom Jesus Christ.

  13. atheism is not seeking the truth, it's denying the truth.
    I used to be an atheist, many years until i realize there is nothing in there. it's just emptiness

  14. This move is too emotional
    I laughed 😃as I cried 😭at the same time…🔥🔥🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 well done .. billy Graham to accomplish your calling!
    People they tell us that we are made to follow this Christ…but we know what joy we find by meeting Him was the best way every in the world 🌎…
    We cannot compare to this

    Is all about faith
    By faith we believe
    By faith we are saved…gloryyyyy 💃💃💃


    Is all about purpose and calling…
    How willing are you to follow His will not yours
    To renounce your desires
    And to brace his will
    How willing are you ??

    At the end the will of God is what make us to be still alive…

    Only his will nothing else…

    Hey God is calling you to be an evangelist
    Prophet,pastor,missionary,teacher and etc
    Seek His face and you will discover what is your purpose in Him…
    God bless you all believers… shalom🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


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