Billy Graham – your soul – Washington DC

What is your soul?
Why are you so important to God?
How can a person gain all the world has to offer but still be empty inside?
Death is coming..
Where will you spend eternity? How can you find peace, purpose and meaning now?


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  1. Even now God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit speaks to us through this man.

    As a Father
    As a trusted friend
    Reaching deep inside us with a simple loving message…accept repent and be born again.

    He is the Way The Truth and the Life

  2. unwinding the untread narrow path leading to heaven always when on the cross roads of life only Christ lead in right direction because he is the only and one way to heaven there are no other path brother Billy thank you for telling about the privity of life when i am actually 55 i still feel and live a life of 18 year old in Christ and for ever young the body as house and the soul as tenant enjoyed every moment in Christ present


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