Billy Graham – young people – Birmingham AL

Powerful, relevant and helpful message for young people and the entire country


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  1. Stand up and be fearless. YOU have God in you. You have the Power of Powers. If you have accepted Jesus, YOUUUU have what you need to defy the gravity of this generation. I refuse to be quiet. I refuse to be calm. This world is dancing to distruction, and I will not sit by and watch ppl die. “Many young men die at age 25, but are not buried until they're 75.” and you can be used to change that. People need God. My church youth group is struggling rn. They need a vision. They need something to run towards. I am only a child, but I am a daughter. I will be the one. I'll be criticized, but why would that matter? It'd not for ppl, it's for my God. Oh God, let me walk fearless in You. Let me be the one. I walk forward. Guide me. Amen

  2. I would love to know the original year these messages were preached. The spiritual and moral decay in America has moved faster and faster since the 1960's, 70's, and 80's. He would be canceled by the cancel culture of the 2022s for preaching against the mis use of sex and the LGBTQ agenda today. Where is the next prophet to America??? We need prophetic preaching again Lord. Send someone!

  3. I could spend 3hours or more on you tube with out of buffering but I came a cross this sermon and suddenly it would not let me watch even one minute without youtube buffering constantly. Satan you are a lie I will know the truth and the truth would set me free


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