Billy Graham – Who is Jesus? – Chicago 1971

Who is Jesus, really?


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  1. For more about who is Jesus from the Bible, please click my avatar image on the left of this reply and see the video "Who is Jesus from the Bible" educate yourself and do not be a blind follower

  2. I know Jesus Christ is alive today. I was born in the Christian home . I turn my back on Jesus . I went to the mormon church I told God I'm sorry and I repent what I did going to A false religion . Joseph is still in his grave hes dead But Jesus Christ is alive today I accept that Jesus Christ as my personal saver and in my sixties . That's a little too close I was old old when I accept the Jesus Christ as christ as my personal Saver . God put things in my life to wake me up very bad accident I should have been dead In fact I was in too very bad accidents is accidents on the freeway God gave me a wake up call tonight and I accepted Jesus Christ that's my personal savor I have an assurance of my salvation I can't hardly wait to meet Jesus Christ Whether I die and meet him or the rapture. And I know the time is close I was listening to Ann Graham The things that she said I know Jesus is at the doorstep are returning for us.


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