Billy Graham – The Truth Is Difficult

Billy Graham – The Truth Is Difficult

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  1. Is it Possible He is a lying?

    Yes! He is a lying. One of the Greatest Cons for Theft of Individual Expression and Money that has ever been Perpetrated on the Planet. And it’s legal!

    There are more than 4,600 Religions, worldwide, with thousands of Gods. They’re all Claiming to be the one True Religion, following the One True God. Either Only one Religion is True or all Religions are False? How can all Religions be True?

    So If He truly believes the Bible to be True… Then he's a Ignorant Fool, and Needs to be Silenced, and

    If He knows that its all Lie's… Then he is a Worthless Tyrant, and Needs to be Silenced…

    Ether way He Needs to be Silenced…

  2. Amen, such truth, yes mankind is so blinded by what this world has to offer, it is written you can't serve two God's, either you love one and hate the other. People don't want the perfect gift, Jesus Christ they prefer to be blinded by the pleasures of this world, what this world offer is death, seek the word of God, keep seeking God's divine words, the advocate Holy Spirit will open callous hearts and restore your covenant with God 🙌❤️

  3. Hallelujah God's people will have a good Doctor. Ready to use the correct simple medication to treat God's people accurately.
    Beware of Pride, You must be able to
    Learn, genuinely interested in People's welfare, not yours.
    Shalom Shalom Shalom

  4. I got saved 25 years ago but then I did flee from the Lord I have rededicated my life to Jesus. I've been facing a huge battle in my life I have two family members that have assassinated my character and they won't stop they literally have gotten with every person I know even people of business they've gotten with them to awful things they have said that's not true at all. They refuse to stop people believe them even people who know me for some reason have chosen to believe them and they know better. It has affected my life tremendously but it should not because I'm a child of God I'm trying to truly leave it all in God's hands but it's hard when I'm constantly faced with people that look down on me and have a bad attitude towards me and sometimes mean and rude to me because of the things they've heard from my two family members. I know Jesus is the one true God he's above all nothing or no one is more powerful than Jesus and I know he is handling this for me and I also know he's preparing a table for me in the presence of my enemies who have done this to me. I asked for your prayers too please because it is eating away in my mind the thoughts of what they've done to me they've literally tried to destroy me and it eats away at my thoughts all the time it's affected my life please pray for me. I do know God will see me through and I know God is with me and I know he loves me and I know God knows the truth. Thank you for your prayers truly.

  5. Jesus Christ healed me! This is my story about my healing!I was extremely ill! I had diabetes and kidney failure, which urgently requires dialysis! I prayed to God to heal me, not for me, because I don't deserve it, but for my little children, who were left without a mother! in exactly that day, in which I prayed, the Lord healed me! I suddenly felt the pain in my kidneys go away, as well as the dryness in my mouth (diabetes). I'm a new women now! I thank the Lord for His mercy and love for us!!!!!


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