Billy Graham Sits Down With Johnny on Carson Tonight Show – 06/13/1973

Billy Graham Sits Down With Johnny on Carson Tonight Show – 06/13/1973
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  1. Walt Disney is so LGBT industry.
    They actually MORE for it than the average great movie.

    They want BI Everything.
    They are against God.
    They were always in the occult.
    I'd hope that he could see it.

    That's why mznybpreachers focus von one thing but leave everything else out.
    That's false teaching.

    We MUST believe the WHOLE BIBLE..

  2. Good to know Johnny knew the way to Heaven that it wasn’t by being a good person it was believe that Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood for us and rose the third day

  3. There will never be another president like Ronald Reagan, another preacher like Billy Graham, or another TV host like Johnny Carson… I wish we all in America could hit the "Go Back" button several times.

  4. i always thinking & believe that god is only 1 & i always pray that even i live In this universe for 10.000 times i only want to die in ISLAM (only worshiping to ALLAH SWT).. Because if there are 3 gods maybe oneday they can fight each other as time goes by.. God vs God vs God?? oh god i'm so scarry don't you?

  5. FYI: In Europe & US nowdays, millions of apostates convert to Islam because they know that the money they rent/congregations are wasted by the priests, even though they (Christians) are looking for money desperately without knowing time🙏🙏🙏🙏.,

  6. What a great interview. Treated him with respect and dignity. Did not make fun of him or his beliefs. If Dr. Graham can see how far Disney has fallen with their “clean” movies he’d probably be shocked.

  7. In today's world I can't imagine which talk show would try this kind of interview. What talk show host today could pull this off? What preacher would be best to have on a talk show today?

  8. People will watch this interview 50 years or more from now(2022) and be just amazed that a preacher and a comedian could have such a touching, informative interview full of mutual respect. I hope you’re golfing together in paradise !!

  9. How in the world could they fit over a million people in one single place!?! It would have had to have been the size of at least 4 football stadiums! I would really like to see a picture of this, it's literally mind boggling! 😲

  10. Billy Graham on the most watched late night show in America in 1973.
    You would never see such a balanced, calm interview now.
    The video of the message brought in Korea is deeply moving.
    Anyone with half a heart will choke back tears.
    So many people hungry to hear a clear, unfiltered, undiluted message of love.
    Nobody has time for that in America anymore.

    The fact that Johnny gives Billy a moment to calmly explain the gospel, heaven and even hell without any serious interruption right there on the show tells all.
    Factually, 99% of church-goers are more or less just like Billy Graham – relatively calm, patient and seeking to bring a message of hope.
    But look as we may, we will not find such a fairly-broadcasted presentation of the Judeo-Christian worldview in our day, where Christians are depicted as axe-murderers.
    Times have truly changed. And to think this was only just in 1973.

  11. In truth, behind the camera, John W. Carson couldn't stand pious windbags like graham. If you think I'm kidding, look at the charitable beneficiaries of his foundation. Planned Parenthood, among them. That is the truth.

  12. The Record of the highest amount of people ever in history for one event was beaten in 1995 when John Paul II. went to Manila. 5 Million people waited for him. He took the helicopter to get there.


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