Billy Graham – marriage and the home – San Antonio TX

How can you save your wrecked marriage?
How can you have a happy marriage and home?
There is one answer.


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  1. I know my Pastor speaks of this fornication and adultery! I wonder how many others do as well? Is anybody preaching anything other than Prosperity????? Is anybody preaching HOLINESS?? For Without HOLINESS NO MAN SHALL SEE GOD!!! I am so sick of these preachers pimping Jesus🤨🙄! That is just how I feel! Lord help me because it makes me angry that people are playing games with people's souls leading down a path straight to hell!! The ones who are sugar coating the truth!! Lord help the ones who are mixing lies with some truth which is a straight up LIE! Lord help these false prophets, preachers, teachers, and Jezebelian preachers and teachers! Woe unto YOU! Woe unto you who sow the seeds of deception!! Woe unto you proclaiming God but He is far from thee! Woe unto you, you who say God said and God isn't even talking to YOU!!! Is it God speaking or are you doing all the talking out of your own fleshly desires! I feel sorry for all of you saying God said and He has Not! Lying on God will get you in a heap of trouble, you don't even know! You better STOP IT and REPENT! GOD HELP US ALL……

  2. I pray for Godly Respecful faithful matured lovely man…just to mention
    I still believe.because God is Able to do all exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all that i can think ask…

  3. I love billy graham. But with end time prophosy coming to pass like the uphrates river drying up, I dont know about the blessing of having a wife and kids is in the cards for me. The devil has tempted me with options but I know that they are not of God and it wpuld be building something up for myself, and I know jesus said worry not for tomorrow because today has enough worries. God has not given me the grace of being able to be alone, I am just tired of being lonely, i try my best to praise jesus for the works he does in others lives around me when it comes to marriage and relationships, but it still stings and the flesh part of me does feel jealous. I dont know how to combat these feelings, i have aurrendered it to God, but that surrrender hasnt removed the loneliness.


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