Billy Graham – Is there life after death?

What happens when you die?
Is there any hope for the world?
What is the answer?

You can know (1) where you came from (2) why you are here (3) where you are going


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  1. Very true even a person that's not that smart it's easy for them to accept Jesus Christ as savior. And I'm talking about myself I am a mild retardation I don't understand a lot but I know how to get to heaven what he did for meyou did for me on the cross in my place . I can't hardly wait to meet Jesus Christ and be with him an eternity and meet my family also.

  2. A true shepherd of our Lord who has brought me so much closer with every teaching. May God give his family the same vigorous teaching of their father, Billy. We, the world need it so desperately. In Jesus precious name I pray. Amen


    By the Late First Century CE, almost all Christians (who were mostly Greco-Roman Gentiles) had come to believe the "Kingdom of God" was NOT going to be a literal government on earth like their Jewish Christian predecessors believed it was going to be–a renewed, independent, Jewish nation that would, in time, take over the whole world–but a SPIRIT "kingdom"!

    Those former pagans had been brought up to believe the conscious souls of the dead IMMEDIATELY go to their eternal fate, so the idea of a physical resurrection made no sense!

    When they first heard about the "Kingdom of God" from the Early Jewish Christians, they misunderstood it to be similar to the Elysian Fields, the place where, according to Greek Mythology, the gods of Mt. Olympus sent the souls of virtuous men. And when they heard "the most powerful god of the Jews," (God the Father) lived in a spirit realm called "Heaven," they further misunderstood God's home was the same place Christian souls would go after death!

    However, the Jews of Jesus' day (with the exception of those, like the Sadducees, who had changed their beliefs to include ideas about the afterlife from Greek Mythology) believed human souls "sleep" with their properly buried bodies after death until the Day of Resurrection, when the Messiah would come and establish a literal Kingdom of God on earth. All the followers of Jesus, who were all Jewish, believed HE was the Messiah, and that He would be the one to set up the EARTHLY Kingdom of God, beginning in Jerusalem.

    What to do, then, when a few Christians of the Late First Century CE, (like John of Patmos, who wrote the apocryphal Book of Revelation) looked at what the original Jewish Christians believed–that every believer would become a citizen in a literal, earthly Kingdom of God–and compared it to what the Gentile Christians believed was the only place Christians could go to immediately after death (a spirit realm version of the Kingdom of God)?

    Well, they began smooshing the two together! This is why, sometimes, it seems like the New Testament says people can go to Heaven and, at other times, the only way to live again after death is after the resurrection on earth!

    But the Early Jewish Christians did not even imagine it was possible for PEOPLE to go to Heaven…with only a few exceptions–Enoch, Elijah and Jesus.

    Rick Lannoye, author of

  4. Jesus Christ the Greatest person to walk on this beautiful earth. You overcame all trials and temptations, unblemished and perfect in your Holiness. The Greatest role model for eternity. 🙏🏽 🙏🏽 🙏🏽

  5. If God and Heaven is real, which it is real. 99% of humanity would not want to go there when they die here on earth. Because the default for humans is they are ruled by their hatred and fear 😃 which they are not prepared to let go of, they would prefer to hold on to evil then accept the free gift of Heaven.

  6. Soul does not exist! afterlife does not exist! jesus does not exist! satan does not exist! God does not exist! hope nonsense does exist!.

    Can you make yourself? no! how can god make his own? can't! proof god doesn't exist!

    energy cannot be created or destroyed, that is to say, it has always existed!

    That also counts for space! and for time! proof god didn't create universe!

    You can prove something that exists! can you prove god? no! then god doesn't exist!

    And god making his own out of nothing! and god who makes everything out of nothing! without proving or explaining anything! is logic? no!

    Soul and afterlife!

    People talk about energy! and a soul! that goes to afterlife! while that energy which is nothing more than body heat!

    What cannot be destroyed that's right! spreading everywhere! and perishes in everything! so what!

    Is not going anywhere specific! is not consciousness either!

    There is no evidence for soul! and there is no evidence for afterlife!

    You have to prove something like that first before you can say that!

    Evolution and origin of life!

    You really think god made a man in sand blew on it and there's adam grab a rib from adam and there you have eva!

    That's how it went? because that's nonsense

    You never looked up origin of life!

    You never looked up evolution!

    Even if they don't know everything yet! they try to explain! and prove things! which isn't easy! is better than nothing!

    And claim things without proof! that's the easiest thing to do, but that doesn't make it true!

    Origin of life talk about blocks of life! who by circumstances! originated!

    Step by step! small changes over time!

    And small mutation over time!

    And that counts for evolution too! they don't claim that something came out of nothing!

    The bible does that without explanation! without proof!

    Debate real and truth!

    There is no good and bad is illusion!

    There are no winners! there are no losers! everything that is made! is fake!

    Is no more than I say everything people think! or make! or create! is fake and cannot be real or truth!

    Otherwise we wouldn't have had to make it! and to create it! and think about it! that also means that god does not exist!

    Because they have to made it! and create it! thought about it!

    So that's fake! and can't be real or truth!

    Burden Of Proof is for everyone!

    Claim! you believe in god! why? try to explain! try to prove!

    They don't know! they just believe in god!

    Claim! that you don't believe in the claim! why? try to explain! try to prove!

    They don't know! they just dont believe the claim!

    Claim! you don't believe in god! why? try to explain! try to prove!

    They don't know! they just don't believe in god!

    Claim! you know god doesn't exist! why? try to explain! try to prove!

    They know more! and that's why they don't believe in god anymore!

    Every claim must be explained and proven! they all think they don't have to explain and prove it!

    Doesn't mean they don't have to explain and prove it!


    you need proof first! that god exists! and has always existed!

    you need proof first! that god has created something! especially what cannot be created!

    you need proof first! how god made everything out of nothing!

    you need proof first! what does it matter to anyone in this world!

    you still have a very long way to go! for proving something! let alone explain something! before you can say anything about it!

  7. There in no book older because no book can survive any longer. Everything older is inscribe in stone and clay tablets and walls. I mean thousands of years longer.

  8. Water baptism has no place. In fact, it is a slap in the face to say you need to be washed, because that is the ritual in the river Jordan. The nation of Israel was to be a nation of Priests to bring God to all. It is a ceremonial cleansing. The only baptism today is BY the Holy Spirit into Christ. You are immersed into him, and sealed by the Holy Spirit. When the Father looks at you, he does not see your rotten no good self, he only sees his perfect Son. That is for those that believe and confess. If you think you need to something, then you clearly do not believe.

  9. The Bible is an unreliable authority because it contains numerous contradictions. Logically, if two statements are contradictory, at least one of them is false. The biblical contradictions therefore prove that the book has many false statements and is not infallible.

    Scholars now believe that the stories that would become the Bible were disseminated by word of mouth across the centuries, in the form of oral tales and poetry – perhaps as a means of forging a collective identity among the tribes of Israel. Eventually, these stories were collated and written down.

    The Bible was written between 900 BC and 95 AD. It was finally compiled at the Council at Rome in 382 AD.

    In short no body know who or when it was compiled with any legitimate referencing.

  10. I would like this question, if I go to the Kingdom of The Lord, do I keep my personalities. For I have more then one. Which personality will I keep, or will I keep all of them?

  11. Thank you Lord Jesus for every man,woman and child who publicly accepted you as their Lord and Savior in one of your faithful servant crusade. Thank you for the millions more who will accept you through this media. Thank you for loving us to the extent of willingly dying a painful death on the cross for us. Thank you Lord Jesus for your death & thank you for your mighty resurrection. We declare by faith that you are our precious Lord and Savior now and through all eternity ❤️❤️

  12. I love the gospel that Billy Graham preached. The true gospel of Jesus. The one that Paul, Silas, Peter, John and others preached. Billy Graham and Reinhard Bonke are my favorite evangelists. These men were passionate about souls. May God take care of their families. 💕💕💕💕🙏🙏🙏

  13. He work hard in this world full of sin but now God take him to rest beside him forever eternity.
    Please Choose carefully where you wanna go after you die and do goods😇😊


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