Billy Graham: How to Replace Worry with Joy

God doesn’t always remove the storms of life, but He gives us peace in the middle of them.

Find peace through a personal relationship with Christ:


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  1. Father I declare healing over all of my Brothers and Sisters and I right now in Jesus name. Jesus is with us I declare that. Our fears and doubts are bind broken and rebuked right now in Jesus mighty name. I plea the Blood of Jesus against the evil plans of the enemy. He is powerless in the Mighty name of Jesus. I declare healing and miracles over all of my Brothers and Sisters right now in Jesus name. Let your will be done Father protect us and strengthen us in Jesus mighty and lovely name. I seal and declare this Prayer in Jesus name. Amen

  2. Even though I was blessed with a grandma who taught me Bible md a family who was faithful to God….my realisation on how to be true Christian has only started recently….coz as I grow I have all sort of problems troubling my whole mind…..the only question is whatnot….and truth br told….. In such a situation holding onto the word of god is very hard….even if v r willing to do it…. society and human nature just won't let us……and that's where ppl like this wonderful pastor comes into play with the word of god.
    I only have one thing to say…..I am a higher secondary student….nd I already have pretty much a sketch of what difficulties of life (mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically)lies before me….nd how it is going to get.Dont ever think u r alone in this…. I'm also with u…..I'll be praying for u…..plz pray for me also❤️.


    The Holy Spirit is here now in person with which Jesus Christ had prophesied of – the another Helper. It is not a mystical being that we all imagined for God works through people, and just as Jesus Christ came in flesh, so has the spirit of truth'

  4. In my experience truth doesn't exist in the God of the bible, he takes pleasure in human suffering, he is the source of pain to mankind I am happy I left christianity shit

  5. There really is a calm in the storm. Once one realizes how powerless the enemy is, It's so easy to brush them off.

    I thought about joining the ministry for disaster relief. Ironic this popped up today.

    I'll see how I feel when I return to college for Bible studies.

    I've realized everything about life is in the Bible. I really feel sorry for those that are not connected to God. A lot of people who are not grounded in the Lord have broken souls. They project their brokenness onto others.

    I can only wish them well, and brush them off.

  6. The timing of this message is incredible. We have a category 4 hurricane over 1,000 miles away from my home state of Hawaii and it’s heading our way, and we’re still dealing with COVID as well. This was such a comforting message and great reminder to rejoice even in the midst of our trials, because Jesus is at hand (Philippians 4:4-5). As we prepare for an actual storm, the focus will still be on Jesus. ✝️❤️


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