Billy Graham Glasgow Scotland 1991


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  1. REv Graham is the greatest ever. He was right about everything. He lived modestly, hes not a pimp like most I SEE today. If anyone is disgusted with this world because there are nothing but lies and stupidity, Watch Billy Graham and get some TRUTH and know what it is.

  2. For anyone who is unsure about their salvation please check out Renee Roland on YouTube, it really is all about Jesus.

    Billy mixed up salvation which is absolutely free with service that can cost you everything.

    The result, yet another cleverly repackaged version of faith plus works equals salvation nonsense.

  3. Billy Graham continually touches my heart…I well up with emotion…I tear up….Its not easy to follow christ. He demands (Christ) us to go to the cross. Meet your savior COME TO THE CROSS! Be cleansed and forgiven. Accept Jesus as your savior now. Right now. Litterally, the hour is at hand. I beg for my saviors sake that "none should not one". Come now.


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