Billy Graham – Forgiveness

World class harpist Greg Buchanan performs Amazing Grace and Billy Graham speaks about idolatry, immorality and forgiveness in this timeless event. Also learn about King Hezekiah and son Manasseh.


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  1. I always thinking & believe that god is only 1 & i always pray that even i live In this universe for 10.000 times i only want to die in ISLAM (only worshiping to ALLAH SWT).. Because if there are 3 gods maybe oneday they can fight each other as time goes by.. God vs God vs God?? oh god i'm so scarry don't you?,,

  2. My advise is: please use your brain for maximum capacity & time to choose the right holy guidence & the right God otherwise everyone might be stay in hell forever 🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭

  3. Iam a Christian iam a born again Christian and still struggle with acohol it plages me sometimes I know iam forgiven yet still pick up now and then god help me deliver me as you have for this man may I respond and know your will is done amen

  4. FYI: In Europe & US nowdays, millions of apostates convert to Islam because they know that the money they rent/congregations are wasted by the priests, even though they (Christians) are looking for money desperately without knowing time 🙏🙏🙏 🙏

  5. How can one forgive worldly own parents who gave birth and try harming us always and waiting for our death? God forgive such parents for they need to face the judgement day. The big day i am waiting to meet the Christ in his Glory.

  6. I'm struggling with porn addiction. It has led me to participate in Sodom and Gomorrah in my verge to experiencemy fantasies. I'm ashamed of it. I feel unworthy, not deserving of forgiveness. I'm ashamed to turn to the Lord because I'm struggling to forgive myself. I'm lacking confidence, my speech posture has changed, I'm depressed. I'm in need of help please

  7. Brother I feel this just only sad thing me n my wife the devils ripping apart cuz she doesn’t wanna give herself to Jesus Christ and trust in him n live for him so your tears at the end of what I have daily knowing ima lose my son n wife please pray for her even if we don’t work out I want her to find Christ he saved me he delivered me from gangs etc I slip up with drugs once in awhile cuz my oath with Christ is new and my dad murdered In feb my wife always angery n hates being around always out working witch now she’s staying out drinking with strangers so I fell and I know why I did cuz I didn’t stop to my knees in prayer to Jesus my humanly Instink kicks in everytime with Christ he warns us about how wel in prisoners beat hated an so forth cuz of his name as we live in this Satan ran world so please for pray for us god blesses everyone who comes to him his love is the only love we truly need so I’ve come to accept and trust in Jesus with my situation I see I have to move end of the month so please everyone no matter what life throws at us please just drop to your knees In prayer as he says you’ll feel most in the eye of the storm


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