Billy Graham 1957, John 3:16

Billy Graham preaches the truth and hope found only in Jesus Christ. Just as relevant today as it was then. The truth then is the …


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  1. God's judgment day will come soon.We are in the last days.Confess your Sins, repent get water babtism and say the Salvation prayer.You are Born again and Saved .Your name is written in the lamb 's book of Life. See your life change for the better

  2. Admire his zeal trying to save all the human race
    But even jesus never did that
    He recognised the seed of the serpent
    I pray not for the world but only those thou has given me!

  3. The late Dr. Billy Graham was a great Evangelist! Thundering the Gospel Truth! He Preached! For some on this comment line trying to twist Billy Graham's words are misguided and need to repent and take heed to JOHN 3:16! You need to know truth when you hear it. Thanks Be To God for "America's Pastor" and a great Evangelist for the Glorious Gospel Of Jesus Christ! God Is Good!

  4. Todays date is August 6th, 2021. Will there ever be a great evangelist such as Billy Graham ever again? I am convinced he was put on this earth to do what he did. Spread the word of the gospel.

  5. What a communicator this man was !
    He's a fine balance between that which is charismatic and that which is purely apologetic.
    That's a very rare gift.

  6. For anyone who is unsure about their salvation please check out Renee Roland on YouTube, it really is all about Jesus.

    Billy mixed up salvation which is absolutely free with service that can cost you everything; the result: yet another cleverly repackaged version of faith plus works equals salvation nonsense.


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