Bible Verses For Sleep | 100+ Healing Scriptures With Soaking Music | 12 Hours (2020)

Bible Verses For Sleep (12 hour loop), 100+ Healing Scriptures with soaking music, Christian Meditation, soaking worship, …


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  1. Type your prayer request & location (state and/or country) in the comments and reply with a prayer to a few other people’s prayer requests as well!…have you subscribed to our channel yet? I would love to have you subscribe under the video here and hit the bell to ALL for our notifications if you haven't already. It's always great to have a positive commenter/pray-er/someone needing prayer/supporter as a subscriber 🙂 it helps us out a ton too! Lord, bring Heavenly health, healing, & peace in Jesus' name! Let's chat & pray for each other here in the comments!

  2. I feel your hearts and your sister in Christ Jesus is praying. I once was lost and on my way to hell. May everyone on this page give the Lord your heart, and he'll bring your light as the scripture says. The more I turned from this word, the more God revived himself to me.

  3. I’m asking for prayer from El Paso TX. Please pray for restoration of sight in my right eye im suffering from ptosis some days worse than others I’m praying for healing in the lords name

  4. Good morning from NZL, I'm listening to your Bible readings throughout the night, and now it's 7:48am in the morning still listening, thank you so very much. May ADONAI ELOHIM the Mighty GOD of ISRAEL bless you and your family. withloveNprayers ❤️❤️🙏🙏

  5. Pls pray 🙏 for my grandsons Ezra n Christian healing from coughing n asthma attacks and vomiting Hallelujah praise Yeshua Messiah Jesus.

    And I pray that God meet all your needs who ever is asking for prayers that no weapon formed against you n my grandsons shall prosper in Yeshua’s name whether it’s sickness n diseases or accidents & family feuds to be nullified in Jesus’ Yeshua’s name!
    He’s the only name above any other name !

    God will will turn your situation around for the good of those who love Him and it’s according to His purpose Amen 🙏

    Thank you 🙏 Yeshua Messiah for your a great great Abba Father our great Physician! Thank you for you healing power n mercies and your faithfulness endures forever

  6. Thank you God Jesus and the holy Spirit for everything thank you for my health and strength thank you for the protection the love and care and all thanks for watching over the others that's listening to this video and watching and bless them heal them protect them and their families and all God you are the only two Lord of Lord king of King will you and Jesus and the holy Spirit all things are possible thank you for everything my master how about only to you and you only in the name of blood of Jesus we pray amen 🙏🌹❤️✝️☎️✌️

  7. Thank you, Soakstream, for these soothing, beautiful affirmations. We all need God so much in our lives, and I pray in the name of
    Jesus Christ that He guide us, unite us in harmony, heal us from our afflictions and protect us from the enemy. He is pure love,
    compassion and protection. Ask Him to please send some "unemployed angels" to help you with whatever is troubling your life.
    May you be blessed, released from all that has hurt you, and you and your loved ones be healed. Picture yourself, and all the world,
    receiving that Golden Light of never-ending Love, feel it pouring over and into you, healing as it flows. Love and peace to all.

  8. What version(s?) of the Bible are you reading from?
    Prayer request: Aching everywhere for a couple days now and still have things to do…pray that I get the things done AND heal….thank you so much! <3

  9. Please God heal my left ankle now. So that i may go back to work and do your work. I am praying for the need. Take away the pain and bring my bones back together. Forgive me for any wrong doings Lord. In Jesus's name amen.

  10. I would be so grateful for you to pray for my husband's salvation & deliverance. He has been backslidden for a while now and it's been very painful to watch and also to experience. Also, we each need physical healing for different things. Thank you. ❤️

  11. Please keep my family in your prayer’s grandchildren’s sibling’s relative’s sister’s n love daughter’s n love ..Church family, . Cover the sick an shut-in ..Ct ..pray for each person that God leads me to cover in my prayer and those whom He leads me to sow into their spirits through ministry, that He will release His wisdom unto me as I stay focus on my faith with His Guildance and direction an not my own..keeping me faithful in all His ways..that I will stay focus in well doing and that I fate not..
    Thank you..


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