Best Prayers To Fall Asleep | Peaceful Bible Sleep Talk Down To Invite God's Presence

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  1. Long story short …. I ended up lost … I didn't know who i was or what … I contemplated a lot of wrong solutions… I stopped for more than 10 years believing in god .. or i just ignored him … And i also was mad at him… And now i notice that he was silent… Waiting on me but silent … And then i started to do bad things … And then one day someone talked to me about him … But it was different it felt different… After that day God was on my mind … 24/7… So i started googling god and watching YouTube videos… I literally asked Google and YouTube all my questions… I downloaded a Bible app … I started listening to gospel music… And look … I have a long way to go … I'm on Exodus 12… I still have questions… I still doubt sometimes… But it's different… I talk to him now… When I'm doing whatever… Washing working eating using the bathroom… Whatever … I think about God and what he is …I've never felt this way before… I feel like im closer to finding that path i ignored a long time ago i feel like He is reeling me back into Him .. it feels good… I feel like i know who I am .. he is our Teacher… We just have to choose Him… And it's so easy to choose him … And i just hope everyone can give him a chance… And i hope that you're able to listen or see or notice or hear when he's trying to get your attention… And also … He makes me cry … But in a good way …. He makes me feel so relief he makes me feel so secure that i cry because i feel him … Because God was here in me waiting for me and i finally after 12 yrs stopped and i let my God be my God… My help my answer my friend my protector… And i pray that everyone in this world find him also.. because now i see that a lot of people are also lost … And some don't even know they are lost just like i didn't know … Diosito santo te amo…. Gracias por salvarme… God saves!!!!!💛

  2. Thanks you lord God Jesus, for the glory, mercy, beautiful, beautiful, blessing I receive everydays, I trust, and believe you lord God Jesus, you are always help me with the fenancial coming to me, in the name of God lord Jesus almighty God in heaven accepts my prayers love you, amen,

  3. Thank You I pray for God thru Jesús Christ that Gods Divine Will be Done for me. I pray for Safety and Peace for Myself Mayra Hernández My Mom My Daughter and GrandChildren. Please protect me God.

  4. Jesus, protect my family, my sister and brother and mother. Help my sister get a job, restore her relationship. Father may my brother walk in grace as he begins to work, go before him and protect him. Protect my mother, give her good health and peace. Give me peace and abundance. Amen 🙏

  5. Yes Lord I believe and receive in Jesus Christ Might name thank You God for restoration of my life and my family for my dad God thank You for repentance in Jesus Christ Might name amen Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah thank God


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