Best Playlist Of HILLSONG Christian Worship Songs 2021🙏HILLSONG Praise And Worship Songs Playlist

Best Playlist Of HILLSONG Christian Worship Songs 2021🙏HILLSONG Praise And Worship Songs Playlist

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[00:00:00] – What A Beautiful Name
[00:05:43] – I Surrender
[00:16:10] – Who You Say I Am
[00:21:45] – So Will I
[00:28:48] – Broken Vessels
[00:38:17] – Jesus I Need You
[00:43:25] – Grace To Grace
[00:50:29] – Behold
[00:57:28] – New Wine
[01:05:42] – No Other Name
[01:13:03] – Remembrance
[01:18:37] – Cornerstone
[01:26:17] – Transfiguration
[01:31:50] – The Call
[01:38:19] – As It Is

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  1. I was paralyzed in bed last year and I heard Jesus say out loud to me – If you believe in me get up and walk I got up and not only walked but went for a walk outside. Praise God!!!!! GOD IS ALWAYS WORKING!!!!

  2. I was Muslim and converted to being a follower of our lLord Jesus Christ..I prayed to God one time with all my heart and asked him to show me if he’s real then Jesus came into my life. The holly spirit is guiding me and I will start preaching in God’s name one day to bring this gift of true love and happiness to less fortunate and lost souls.Amen ❤❤❤❤🙏😇

  3. I pray that God visits your home today with Healings, Blessings, and Miracles.Time is still the bestanswer. Forgiveness is still the best pain killer and God is still the best healer. Amen.💕

  4. Good Night Thank u for all your Prayers I appeared alone in National Court for my Taxation case old one for 2016, the Ruling will be on 21st June 2022, before Justice Dowa Man of God, the Defandants lawyer Taxed me to pay K19,000.00 plus for legal fees, I don't any money with me I ve been living by Faith for all this 8 years, from 2014-2022 stand wt me in Prayer for a fair & Justice for best Verdict from Heaven to be handed down, in Jesus Mighty Name🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. I was homeless, got into drugs, went into prisons, then i got to know Jesus, He changed my life.. Now i have a home, a wife, a lovely daughter and a new identity… A child of God.. Hallelujah

  6. I love you Lord. I ask forgiveness for my faults and I claim Lord that you continue to touch my lives. I was survived from heart attacked and I had 2 blocked veins in my heart that resulted to undergo the process of angiography way back in 2017. I am an Overseas Filipino worker here on Saudi Arabia. I was away from my wife and only son for 5 years. I encountered so many trials here, my work and everything. It was because of Jesus I endured all my sufferings. Thank you God for giving strength and protection most especially during the pandemic. I missed my family and I am hoping to be back after two more years. Thank you Jesus for embracing me in your arms. I love You Lord. 🙏


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