Be blessed as you listen to these daily prayers

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  1. Thank for the teaching and prayer. I agree, believe, receive, and trust God in Jesus Mighty Name Amen. May God continue and bless you all as you do the work of God and serve his people in Jesus name Amen.

  2. Lord I pray today that from this day forward that you will not let them give me no less than fourty hours per week I asked this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen

  3. Thank you God for who you are. The Father, the Son, The Holy Spirit. Thank you for everything. Thank you for your victory on me, my daughter and my brothers and sisters and our children ❤ We were lost and you brought us this far. Glory to you God. Amene.

  4. This is amazing words thank you Jesus I believe I receive my breakthrough and my blessing for me and for my children my grandchildren in Jesus name God bless you pastor thank you

  5. I Thank you Lord for always guiding me for procting my daily life and my family.Thank you for providing all my needed and thank you for the strenght that making me strong.Thank you Lord Jesus and protect everyone of us here.Amen.

  6. As l pray this prayers every morning l always feel blessed and spirituality lifted all my life, may whoever is undergoing any kind of pressure just turn it to the Almighty God for He is the only solution. I love you Jesus with all my heart. Thank you lord my savior

  7. I Thank my Church family has support my gran daug Destiny, her kids Aries 2 yr twin boys Mikio and Malachi 9 mo driving back home and her job be available and Childcare. Please pray in agreement In Jesus Name Amen.


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